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Hi. 73 here. Married 47 years, but my wife doesn't play. She does put up with the time spent in front of the computer playing. We do play golf together. My son and I used to play Adventure and Zork. He sometimes plays D3, but doesn't have much time because of work and family.

I gave up zero dogs because of the constant key punching. Finger cramping after a while.

Played D2 from the beginning. Lots of friends moved to D3. Sadly, most of those friends and new D3 friends have stopped playing D3. Playing WD at MP 7/8. Trying to get to MP 10. Can play Barb at MP10, but it's a grind, and the WD is more fun.

Watching the British Open. Lots of commercials give me extra time to browse the forums and pick up advice and tips -- some good players and theory crafters out there.

I gave up zero dogs because of the constant key punching. Finger cramping after a while.

I've seen several statements about this in different threads.

I developed very intense pain in three fingers on my right hand (mouse hand), and two on my left hand (WSAD fingers) after decades of playing.

At the Rite-Aid pharmacies, you can purchase small plastic bags that are full of little elastic fabric sleeves that you can pull over the fingers that hurt. I've been wearing them for years (every hour I game), and it has lessened the pain tremendously, to the point where I can play all day without pain now. There are different sizes in the envelope, I use the one that gives me the most elasticity/counter-pull. It feels strange playing with them on your fingers, at first, but eventually you won't notice them.

I think it's because the elastic fabric provides a counter-pull against you having your fingers in one position all the time.

If pharmacies in your area don't have them, try Googling Rite-Aid so you can purchase them on-line.

Good luck.
You don't quit playing games when you get old, you get old when you quit playing games.
I'm 31 and didn't play for about 10 years. I thought being too old for that stupid gaming-stuff and i couldn't have been any wronger. 1.5 years ago i bought skyrim and then D3 a few weeks after release.

It's really nice to see some elder people in D3 and i think i'll never stop gaming again. At least i hope having my own Holodeck when i'm 70 ;-)

Maybe in a few decades it's totally usual for many old people to play games because they grew up with computers. It's pretty sad to see so many old people doing nothing than watching TV nowadays.

(Sorry for my bad english)
Good to see an old DnD player ^.-
I have a friend who collects the older stuff from when they were paper back.

Great to see older people playing, I think it kind of tragic the way that many of older people project their hobbies mentally, I hear a lot of "I feel silly sometimes" from the 40+ crowd because they are playing games, its great way to meet people without going anywhere or spending big dollars for a social gathering, gaming communities are usually tight knit in one regard or another, plus, its just entertaining to spend time in virtual environ.
Either way, welcome aboard.
Dunno if she patrols the forums, but I know there's an 84 year old woman out there who plays, she gave me a Goldskin, talked my ear off for an hour, cool lady.
07/19/2013 11:34 AMPosted by KILLDOC
Ravenprince, did you get most of that eqpt in inferno?? You see what I have and it has been hard to come by.

@OP - Grats on being an awesome gamer1 you do credit to the community. My mom is 70 and plys Zelda and Wii games constantly!

Add me in game an i am sure i can hook you up w some bard stuff!
The wife and I are both in our mid 70s and playing D3, currently in Inferno. Please don't tell the wife I gave her age!!!! I might well receive the sharp end of her Rare Spear in the middle of my chest!
We both played our first RPG (Dungeons and Dragons) on a 64 TI about 30 or so years ago and have been avid monster killers ever since. Is there a community of really old farts into D3??

And I thought at 41, I was part of the older crowd.

**applauds**... nice...

But I gotta ask... Who's better at D3? you or the wife?

I thought I was amongst the old ones at 30!

To the OP, good job finding something awesome to do with your wife after so long! I wish I could get a good relationship like that.
I am only 38 but I have been gaming since I was very young :) played Atari 2600, apple II c (Bard's Tale and Wizardy were awesome), colecovision, etc. all the way up to today's technology
Well I guess i"am in, at 65 and just retired.Started gaming on them floppy disc things ..1978? Anyhow played Diablo1 since January 97 and all the expansions since.Played D3 on release and I still play D2 (better game) now and then to keep my chars alive.

Congrats and great gaming to all of you "old-timers" who are still hanging in there.
Hmmm, you may have a couple of years on me, but that's about it. My first game was Zork played on an Atari 800XL. Remember Zork? You are standing in front of a mailbox ... That was back in the BBS days. I went on to play a lot of Doom, and others, but my two all time favorites were Wing Commander and DII. I've played a lot of DIII, but for me the jury is still out. I don't like the Pay To Win thing, so I will never set foot in the RMAH. At the moment I'm on the verge of 200K damage and 60K health. That has become my goal. After that I may fold my tent for awhile on DIII and go see what Chris Roberts is doing with the new iteration of Wing Commander.

Meantime, if I get a good Barb drop I'll look you up. (-8
56 next month & the wife will be 60. Have been playing rpg's since Diablo first came out. we play together on LAN and private games in DIII.
Well I guess i"am in, at 65 and just retired.Started gaming on them floppy disc things ..1978? Anyhow played Diablo1 since January 97 and all the expansions since.Played D3 on release and I still play D2 (better game) now and then to keep my chars alive.

Congrats and great gaming to all of you "old-timers" who are still hanging in there.

Lot's of us retirees in online games. Great cheap entertainment. So far the entertainment value I have received from D3 is 3 cents/hr :-)

I have met lots of retirees,particularly in MMORGs since we are easy to spot cuz we are usually there most mornings while the youngsters are in school or working at that time.
62. I am a retiree. Played pc games since apple computer was out. Play D3 just to pass time. Clock more than 3000 hrs on this game. Have a nice day.
Meantime, if I get a good Barb drop I'll look you up.

Thanks ElCasor, can sure use some better eqpt. Guess I'm gonna have to start crafting --its not my thing. Never have been a "creator", I prefer "doing".
Also, its good to see there are other Old Fart Gamers -- like someone said, it beats sitting in front of the TV!
For all you young folks, I envy what may be in just a few short years. First true 3D, then comes Holographic, then who knows what. Hang on, the future will be awesome.
Good to know I am not the only old player, a mere 67. Even though I started in computers in 1964, I did not play games much till the 80's.
Not quite 65 yet, but getting along there at 54, I'm woman in Chicago who has been an avid lifelong gamer. From the early text-based games (Adventure and Zork) through the 25-cent arcades of my teenage years in the 70s and beyond into the early 80s, all the way through the consoles (Atari, NES, SNES, N-64, etc etc) I'm still gaming strong. *grin*

When the kids today ask how I can still be playing games at my age, I just smile and say, "you'll see, when you're my age..." LOL!

I'm turning 60 on Monday. Started gaming at work, playing tank games and pong on an IBM 8088. Man, that's been a few years. My wife of 30 years plays on a machine at my side but she's not a hack and slasher. I can't get her away from POGO. They have the dumbest damn games in the known universe, but I do enjoy playing their version of dominoes on her account. ;-)

D2, D3, POE, and Skyrim are the games I'm putting time into right now. I love killing dragons, especially when they'll grab your character in their mouth and shake their heads before throwing your dead body 50 yards away into the weeds, or over a cliff. Gotta kill them fast and you can't do that if you play all "elderly" like some of the folks in this thread think older gamers act.

Grats on playing to 71 man. People are right when they say games will keep your mind sharp. They helped me to recover from a brain injury over the last 10 years, and will probably keep me thinking clearly a lot longer than I would had if I didn't do anything but watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh. LOL

I was talking with my 75 year old brother on the phone today and when he remembered my birthday was on Monday he shrugged it off with a casual "I wish I was 60 again." Kinda put things in perspective for me.

Thanks for the thread Killdoc, and once again, congrats on sticking with the games for so long.
HI I've been playing Diablo since the first in the 80's. Played D2 also,but D3 is the best.
I'am 76 years old and still enjoy playing.
I'm 76 also Beowulf. I'll keep on gaming till I can't use the mouse! Every day is still a pleasure -- sure hope the younger ones can appreciate that!
mom is 52 -- not 65 yet.. but she always beats all my rpgs before i get to play them! skyrim, blue dragon, final fantasy 13.. you name it she's at least played it. right now she's addicted to animal crossing: new leaf or she'd probably play diablo 3 on her laptop.

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