Do you wish D3 was more 'evil'?

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If I really wanna feel like I badass I turn off the music and play this on a loop.
I like the soundtrack with the drums where we kill the spider queen. I listened to the D1/d2 stuff posted and can see what some are saying but the music in D3 has a better quality in that it sounds like music. I'll have to pay a little more attention as I go through the game, much of what I hear I don't find in the soundtrack.
If I really wanna feel like I badass I turn off the music and play this on a loop.

Could not do that I was not impressed. I listen to the game as sounds help you know what is happening.
IMO, Diablo was the most enchanting of the three.

You arrive in town that's nigh destroyed. There's a Cathedral with something evil lurking in its depths.

So simple, yet, so mysterious.

In D2, you start in the Rouge camp. Akara says some things, and you go kill stuff. In other words, D2 lost a bit of the fantasy aspect, but delivered on gameplay.

In D3, you start outside the town rather than in the middle of it. Your char proceeds to find a town beleaguered by undead (the best start of the franchise IMO).

So why was D1 more enchanting? I think it's due to the fact that it was the first one. It was the first time we set foot in that forsaken world, and it was incredible.
The NPC and follower banter really killed it for me. Also, the lack of light radius. Everything is so bright and colorful. I doesn't have that classic Diablo look or feel.

And then there are the fundamental flaws to the game.

The whole thing is just really disappointing. It's going to remain uninstalled for me until they actually take the effort to implement some creative ideas.
Yes, D3 should be darker.

The music is fine in my opinion.
The color palette works imo, though the lack of a Light Radius makes it too "clear".
The blood and gore while killing enemies is spot on, though I wish there was a "Blood Code" to make it even crazier.
There is way too much conversation.

There is a sticky on the forum asking about what pet we want, instead of say, a poll asking whether we do or don't want a Light Radius added in the expansion. Pets. lol

I think one of the problems with D3 is that it tries to hard to appeal to everyone.

It wants to be dark, but not too dark. And politically correct. And tell a story, but not to deep. And get you involved with your characters but not so much. And make the levels huge but fast enough to get through.

I remember what you are talking about OP.
I remember dreading the Butcher because he lived up to his name. But in D3 he gets this game-show entrance. gahk!
I remember the moody music while the house was dark, and how it would affect me.

To many mind.
Since I picked D3 up on release day that is the one overpowering impression.
Blizzard tried to appeal to wide and failed. Tried to make the franchise more like WoW and failed. (never played WoW)
Sometimes you have to pick your course and say, "This is the way it is. This is what we make."
If you want to knock down pins with a ball then go bowl. If you want to spell words then go play scrabble. If you wan to kill monsters and find loot, then this is how our game does it. If you really think it needs different graphics then go play one with different graphics.

tldr: We make this game, if you think it should be different then you go make that game.
You need to be responsive to the customer, but not their b#$@.

Edit -----------------------

OP, yes. I think that most of the characters were the "I Cant Believe Its Not Butter" of evil. If you are really going to portray demons then getting in touch with your inner Clive Barker would be better than your inner SpoungeBob
It was Diablo himself that disappointed me the most about D3. Both 1 and 2 you had this hulking monster of a villain that I wouldn't have thought twice about going near. Then you had Mephisto and Baal, both of whom evoked a sense that you were going up against a badass and were going to have to work for it.

Now comes D3. The Butcher... too busy laughing at his dialogue to take seriously. Decent boss fight, but simple enough to navigate around.

Maghda... annoying as f*** and floated around on butterflies. BUTTERFLIES! wtf? And she's the one that did Deckard in?

edit: Forgot about Zultan Kuule... one of the better villains personality wise, but confusing fight really... I actually paid very little attention to him. He usually just died while I was in the middle of killing the golemns, or was mostly there already..

Belial... pranced around as a kid as if it wasn't obvious as hell he was lying through his teeth granted he had a pretty decent boss fight, though I wish his scale was played up a bit more than it was... someone that big should've flat out destroyed the palace and forced us to fight him while fleeing maybe?

Siegebreaker... Butcher 2.0. Yet another charger. Simple enough to dodge, but faster on his feet. Could've benefited from a breath weapon.

Azmodan... really? He clearly just wanted a burger... and pretty much everyone face tanked him... seriously would've found myself scared sh**less if he suddenly started teleporting all over the map. That would've made for a helluva fight.. Some of the earlier concept designs had him bipedal, almost looked like some kind of demonic knight... something I'd expect from the commander of the largest army in hell.

Act IV... really an act? You ran all the way down into hell step by effin step, but heaven, you hopped skipped and jump to...

Diablo... Pallette/Head swapped Alien Queen! I seriously thought it was a girl. He looked like a girl. Has breast like a girl, boasted non-stop (every villain in D3 did actually and while I could concede it may because he took Leah's body, doubt it) and then he just kinda stomps around and cages you... He looked a lot more menacing in the animated short than in game.

I just could not stand the look of him. Not an ounce of fear or even coolness was evoked by his design. The story was insanely short. With all the characters introduced to us, they could've taken the time to flesh them out and develop them throughout... instead they were just more annoyances, minus Linden... at least he acted like a person and I actually felt like going to King's Port... a lot.

Like someone said in another post, I fear the expansions. All that talent squandered on terrible writing and poor direction.

From d2 to 3, the dialogue just fell out the window and that's what I think marred the "evilness of it all" They destroyed the atmosphere in it's entirety with terrible writing and character development. I didn't mind Leah being at the center of it all, it's just that it was poorly written.
Just too much of her during the story. Your character just acts as a dartboard for her sentiment. Also the annoying dichotomy of her being repetitive and childish yet occasionally having a grown woman's insight. It doesn't make for a complex character, it just seems uneven.

In that case, I see your point. The narrative and the way it takes you through the story does contribute towards the more childish, or less 'evil', atmosphere. I wish we were more abandoned, on our own. You bring up a good point in alluding to the fact that we always have people around us, and they always tell us what to do. It's like we're fighting, but it's their story.

Bolded is simply too true. Compounded by the fact we have to fight through their story every time we touch the game.

I don't think too much of D2 was overly sinister - slightly, but not to the extent of D1, in my opinion at least. Still had an exponentially darker feel to it than D3, again in my opinion.

Oh and what the guy above me said. Anyone can waffle on all they like about how a female Diablo makes sense since he spawned from a female host, but I really couldn't care less. Not for a split-second was I intimidated by, frightened of, wary of, spooked by, or anything even remotely of the sort, of this retarded incarnation of the Lord of Terror.

And for me, that's sad. Stupid, stupid decision, by whoever made it. Shame on you.
D1 and D2 felt more epic in retrospect because of the amazing storyline? The cut scenes in D2 were nothing short of amazing. Just set the mood for the gameplay just right and you felt the chill when mephisto said "arise diablo....lord of terror!"

I can take the colour and the music but the lack of an immersive storyline and the inane chatter of the lords of hell and followers was just a pain.

And yes I do wish it was more evil! Need more halls of agony :)

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