Help /w items and build

Demon Hunter
So I just came back after quitting just before the pvp patch.

I am purchasing 1b gold, could I get some tips on gear / skills to get as high MP farming as I can for the 1b gold.
Play monk/barb, they can easily play mp10 for a Bil.
Nat gear(ring/boots). Innas temperance/Innas chest piece. Andys helm. Amulet, ring (trifecta).

Have at least 35k hp. 40k will probably be best for you. gloves / bracers up to you.
Here's link to a post with 15 items (for 1.6 billion) that will give you a very well rounded DH.

I'm sure you already know but, crafting Dex shoulders, gloves and bracers is the best way to go for those slots. After you get those 3 up to par, you can work on crafting a Dex Ammy.

Also, I geared up my DH for about 1 billion, so you can take a look at that if you want.

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