Anyone else have this issue?

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I have not played diablo 3 in over 6 months. Decided what the heck I will give it another shot went to reinstall this week and to my surprise under my battlenet account says my diablo 3 is banned...

I have never cheated and my account worked fine the last time i logged in about 6 months ago. I submitted the first ticket asking why I was banned and how an inactive account was banned at that matter. All I got was a cut in paste statement saying:


Thank you for contacting us. An additional review of the action taken against the Diablo III account on ********* has been completed. We have confirmed our initial findings, and the account action will not be reversed or changed.

Actions are based on the violation's severity and take previous violations into consideration. This action was taken in accordance with the Terms of Use ( and our Diablo III Policies (, which all players acknowledge and agree to before logging into the game.

We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in Diablo III. Thank you for respecting our position.

I have an authenticator so don;t think someone else had access and I also did not even have daiblo 3 installed since I got a new pc old one has been in closet untouched for the last 6 months. I submitted a second ticket readdressing the issue and also pointing out the lackluster support I received in first ticket.

Anyone else run into this issue or know a more effective way to get an answer from blizzard?

Been a blizzard fan since original Warcraft and this is just like a kick in the teeth considering the account has been inactive for so long. Only prob I ever had blizzard game was WOW account got hacked i nvanilla and I got a response same day and it was fixed in less then 4 hours.

When did blizzards CS go to crap?
Sadly their customer support is Terrible now.
Does calling support do anything? don't want to waste my time on hold for hour if no chance it will help.
I didn't play for 11 months and my account was fine.
07/20/2013 09:32 PMPosted by Pylock
Does calling support do anything? don't want to waste my time on hold for hour if no chance it will help.

Try calling them. And ask them to check the Login logs for that account. or to give you a more indepth detail explanation.
So i got a response to my second ticket today still no info on how my account was banned in fact the ticket response was the same cut paste statement at the first with an extra sentence stating that the ticket was reviews multiple times and that any further inquires would be ignored.

I did can customer service and they stated that my account was logged into on December for like 2 weeks straight but, the thing is I had my new PC by then and I didn't have diablo 3 installed.

Also one the reasons I stopped playing was constant disconnects and server issues so I find it hard to believe that my account could have stayed connected for 2 weeks straight.

Between Blizzards crap tastic servers and my crappy ISP (Alaska) I can not stay connect to any game with out a DC for more then about 4 hours on a good day.

Any one else have this issue with CS not even reading your tickets and just auto replying with cut pate BS?
it is obvious that someone got into you account. So with authenticator, someone still managed to hack in. I am worried , if you are telling us the truth. Or, you had shared your password to anyone of your family members or friends?
never shared never had a problem since authenticator was added. Once in vanilla WOW I was hacked but, customer service was more helpful then. I remember in BC-WOW a few my guidl mates got hacked and a few them said they had authenticators but, their problems were fixed and from what I remember bliz said its impossible to get hacked with authenticator.

Then like a month later bliz went oops our bad mobile authenticator was not secure enough but, they never admitted to people getting hacked.

All peeps i knew that bot hacked were using mobile authenticator but, I have the keychain one.

So I am at a loss too. I also spoke to buddies they said they don't remember seeing me online at all since the last time I was online. I play starcraft 2 almost daily I think someone would been like hey I saw you on D3 whats up.

Leads me to wonder if the guy on phoen was just practicing CYA (cover your ***) polocies and its blizzards way of passign the buck.

Lets face ti I bought D3 sold a few items on RM AH cashed it in for Heart swarm but, until an xpac comes I was not going to spend any moey on it so little insentive to work hard to keep me around.
07/22/2013 08:33 PMPosted by Darg
You dont pay a monthly fee for the game, therefor CS doesnt care about your trouble.

Sadly this seems to be the anwnser...

Your post is BS.

You may have had an authenticator but you forgot to link it to your account. There hasn't been a single person with a physical authenticator that was hacked since it was made available.

Every single one of those people got proven wrong and that they were infact either lying or clueless (not having it linked to their account)

Have a nice day.

it's clear that compassion isn't your strong suit
This is the future of online-only Blizzard games, pay $60, they ban your account whenever they want. Want to play again? Pay us more money. This is their new business model.
OP they will never tell you in detail the reason your account was banned, they will gives some abstract statement that you breached their ToS or something.

Just issue tickets until the support gives you a final confirmation or a blue notices your post here and takes action.
I would do the webchat support... they atr least talk to u// and try to resolve the issue.

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