D3 was never supposed to be the second coming

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And btw, in the amount of time it had to grow, it barely developed kitty fangs. We are correct to be mad, because the pet store should take it back and give a real dragon
I want to try and like the game because the diablo series has been my favorite game to play over anything else. It's hard to completely let go knowing it took 10 years for this sequel to come out expecting it to be the best ever and this is the outcome of it.
i love d3 as a game but not as a d2 sequel.
if d3 were named something else i dont think it would get half the hate it does now
I have been one of those Barbarian only guys since D1 and D2... WW is one of the bread a butter skills I have always loved. IT PLAYS LIKE TOTAL CRAP with the rubber banding in D3. D2 plays a barb better sorry...
Clearly, if you're still complaining on these forums, as much as you might say you hate this game, you're clearly obsessed with it... Nope, you're mostly long-term players who can't get past how much this game dissapointed you, but clearly, you can't stop playing either.

Until you can make up your mind, stop posting, you <removed>.

Check out my Diablo III stats, imbecile. See how much time I've put into Diablo III.

As you might have noticed, I quit the day it was released and sold my Account, items and gold and broke even. This is easily the worst Action Role Playing Game of all time, and easily the worst game Blizzard ever coughed out. It's even a contender for one of the worst games I've ever played.

I'm here to remind Blizzard and the Diablo III team of their colossal failure, and how focusing on the Real Money Auction House destroyed one of gamings greatest franchises. They shouldn't be allowed the mercy of apathy. I post on every forum I frequent every time Diablo III is brought up. No one should ever play this turd of a game. And I warn as people as possible to stay away from it.

I still play Diablo II, I'm currently leveling a new Necromancer actually, waiting for the real Diablo III to finally be released, or for a full scale apology from Blizzard Entertainment and Jay Wilson for making a game this bad.
Until then, I'll be here. Making sure they never forget what they've done.
the only reason people are still complaining is because we love the FRANCHISE
we love diablo
and this red headed stepchild, we still want to love him, even though he stole from his mom, kicked the family dog, and generally pissed everyone off

it's when people stop complaining you know we don't give a !@#$ anymore

So in other words Blizzard is doing just fine.

They got us -> the clients who play and enjoy the game
They got you too -> the clients who play the game and complain on forums 24/7 how it doesn't fit their agenda.

/clap @ blizzard!

Even haters are lovin it.

You have got to be one of the most obnoxious posters I have ever seen on these boards. Like your on some crusade to be this ultra pro Blizzard troll. This whole condescending attitude your trying to portray is just ridiculous, coming across as an internet cry for attention.

People like this game and People dislike the game, as with any game. Stop coming in and flaming people for creating posts that discuss the cons about Diablo3.

I completely understand many peoples posts are often disrespectful, misinformed or in some cases ridiculous. That still does not negate the fact MANY people who greatly enjoyed the Franchise form D1 and D2, with all the years they had to develop this game are within their rights to be disappointed, especially with how the game was hyped/marketed and promised.

Many players play D3 because they are loyal, many are hopeful that a good game will eventually evolve from what we were given. Diablo3 had a high bar to hurdle for a reason.

Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good thing's about this game too. It's not a terrible game, just a huge let down. And your lack of understanding, is constantly shown in your ignorant and trollish posts. If you honestly think Diablo3 is an amazing game, good for you, find a better way to support it than to disrespect those with a differing opinion.

How else is Diablo3 ever going to change into the game it could...no was supposed to be. If the players don't stand up and make their voices heard. Blizzard was known for releasing immaculate and very polished games. This was NOT one of them, and they really did let a lot of their fans down, you know the people who carried them to their status and bought their previous games.

So no, the game wasn't what it was supposed to be, no one expected it to be the second coming. But people did expect a fully polished Diablo3. And they should be mad, they should be upset, and they should constantly be letting blizzard know. I am no extremist, I try to like this game, I quite soon after release and came back, I started playing a Monk and the game is growing on me a bit with some of the changes. But it's still lacking content, still lacking the kind of replayability previous diablo games had, lack of character customization, lack of itemization and one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in the AH and RMAH. Most people keep playing because they have faith that Blizzard will redeem can fix it's mistakes.
07/22/2013 11:08 PMPosted by ZehDon
I'm here to remind Blizzard and the Diablo III team of their colossal failure,

you'll still buy the expansion, so what does blizzard care? they have your money
U so mad bro..Nice wall of text btw, not gonna read it. GJ wasting your time =DBut thanks for the entertainment!

Skill he's right on one point, if you love the game that's great man, good for you. You're entitled to your opinion but don't' flame and troll everyone who disagrees with you is all, or do it in a better way outlining why you think it's great.

As for me I like it, I don't think it's "great" and I don't think it should be called Diablo 3. I'm not a huge fan of the auction houses even though I've used the GAH, the story isn't very good and the items are bland and uninspiring for the most part. A game with so much emphasis on the "item hunt" really came up short in that regard.

The same complaints here are on every Diablo related web site on the internet. They aren't just limited to here. When Blizzards CCO (Rob Pardo) takes time out his day to make the post he did awhile back something is obviously wrong, whether people want to admit it or not.

Dribble dribble.

U so mad bro..

Nice wall of text btw, not gonna read it. GJ wasting your time =D

But thanks for the entertainment!

Good Lord, you're such a <removed>

I pity the people who know you in real life.
With an attitude like that I doubt skillol even has friends in real life.
well im over it..
My relative is the one playing this account now, casually. I stop playing the game too, now playing here on Forum.

Also in afternoon, watching and chatting with D2 LOD streams here:

First of all, I was a DIE HARD D2 player. I loved that game and lost many gfs and jobs over it (I was young, leave me alone!) Having said that, I do like Diablo 3. I think there are a TON of improvements from Diablo 2. You have to understand that gaming drastically changed in those 10 years. I love the game, I only have 1 complaint:

BRING /nopickup BACK! :)

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