D3 was never supposed to be the second coming

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I'm not the one being generally considered a douchebag by everyone on the forums.

So.... no.
Geez, it's a game! Some parts are great and others could be improved. But what one person sees as a good aspect is not necessarily seen that way by others. Everyone is never going to agree. If you like the game, play it. If you don't find another. It is not a matter of life and death.
I am a diablo 1,2&3 fan. I love the whole diablo series. Diablo 1 something different from everything else, diablo 2 was better than diablo 1 AFTER LOD came out.Let us hope that blizzard lives up to its history as the diablo 3 expansion will save the series. I am one of those that have loved the diablo franchise but am a little disappointed in the beginning of what i hope is just the beginning of what will be a epic installment, This is a plead blizzard save what can be saved of this game if you dont im afraid the next one you drop might not sell the millions that this one sold. Diablo 3 sold as high as it did based on the BIG sucess the Diablo 2 LOD had. Let us hope Diablo 4 is just as big of a sucess because of what you did to the expansion of this game.
What exactly are you saying??? :)

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