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Can you look at my gear on my barb wind and let me know how i did with it. Wanted to go skorn and i think i did a decent job, even tho she is only para lvl 2...also what would be a good skill build for skorn users
You did a pretty good job to start it off.

This is the build i recommend to XP farm act 1:!ZYg!bZZZYc

For gear i would just start crafting ammy, glove, shoulders, and bracers. Your current crafted gear are decent but not solid and def not godly so keep rolling them. This is imo your best spent gold atm.

Here is how i would go about crafting in order for your barb: bracer, shoulder, glove, ammy. THis is just by looking at your current rolls and easyness to craft. But craft whatever your feeling lucky with. GL mayne.
i knew that and it was decent rolls on the amount i crafted...but thank you for the input
Also what is the xp farm route of ACt 1 now? that would get me the most xp...also should i farm it at mp0?
Festering----Fields of Misery----Weeping Willow


Festering----Weeping Willow----Fields of Misery
07/22/2013 08:18 AMPosted by Bloodyzbub
Festering----Weeping Willow----Fields of Misery

make a pit-stop at Leo's for 1-2 elites right there to jump start, sometimes you even get THREE!!

also, recently ive added halls 2, its nice for nados with the narrow hallways, plenty of meat to grind in there too.
MP 0-1? for quick kills?

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