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Hey all, take it easy on my I don't play D3 much or main a barbarian; that being said, I am just looking for a fun toon to mess around on low MP ( 5-7) and I think I have found it. My build is just a fun one, I know it's not a competitive one or particularly strong one. I am doing very well with realistic expectations for such a goofy build, but was just wondering if any of the sword and board gods cared to weigh in with suggestions or thoughts. :)

Note : I bought this axe for like 45mil (Axe is a must I love running 70% CC self buffed) and this shield for even less - might be willing to upgrade if I like this after a few days and after grinding out about 10 para levels with it. I must say with just belt LS and a little LoH ( See ammy) I like rolling no regen on the wep.

TLDR: Any sword and board gods have any gear suggestions or for sale, and thoughts on this barb, or fun>optimal builds to try? I'm psyched to join the Frisbee community tonight.
Well, in the absence of a SnB god, I'll chime in.

With the extra EHP that the Frisbee gives you, I'd suggest you try switching out the war cry and try Overpower instead. Killing spree is the usual rune with that one.

As you are using Revenge, you will benefit from as much CC as you can get. If you gather up a crowd of critters and become surrounded, then when they all pound on you and your frisbee, they activate revenge very quickly.
If you use Overpower first, raise your CC, then when you unleash a revenge attack, you should land 10+ crits and this should be enough to reset Overpower so you can use it again very quickly for the 165% weapon damage to all as well as the 220% from revenge.
Get it right and you should be spamming these two skills in the thick of a crowd as fast as you can mash the buttons. 165% + 220% hitting 10 or more opponents. I've seen over 20+ killed with a single blow with revenge.

As a fellow revenger, Have a look for an IK belt with more revenge chance. You can get up to 8% and they are pretty cheap as most players don't want IK belts with revenge. Or, look for one with bash, up to 14% damage there but I expect they cost more.

Have you tried crafting yet? You can craft Braciers, Shoulders, Gloves and Amulets which would offer an upgrade over what you have currently atm. Start with Braciers. I've rolled plenty myself with 200+ strength and 5.5% CC as well as other attribs before rolling my current pair.
Then try Vitality shoulders. it's very easy to get strength and resist all on shoulders as well as 200+ vitality base roll.

Oh, and welcome to SnB! Link to the current SnB thread below.

im having fun with s/b no lifesteal play.. just rend/bloodlust :P some close calls but alotta fun
Hey Asmodeos, thanks for the great reply! Quick question, how do you group mobs up for your delightful spamming seasons of revenge and overpower? Are you simply playing mp9-10 in populated zones or do you have a trick? Of course ideally this would be a blast with a cyclone monk, but alas, I can't play 2 of my toons at once : ( As of now just messing around with WW and Revenge on anything between mp5-7 it just seems like I'm not fighting large enough groups to be anything even remotely resembling efficient. Thanks : D
welcome to the club brah
07/26/2013 07:10 AMPosted by Agminski
Quick question, how do you group mobs up for your delightful spamming seasons of revenge and overpower? Are you simply playing mp9-10 in populated zones or do you have a trick?

No real trick to it. it works best in the populated open maps such as Fields of Misery or Dalgiur Oasis.
The more mobs the better so yes, MP8-10. You just run around a bit until you have a few critters following you, lead them into another pack then stand your ground and OP/revenge your way out of the crowd.
If you take a few hits while running around getting a following, just drop a rend on a couple of them and get the benefit of the healing over the 5 second timer.
Welcome to the Holy Frisbee, Stormshield be it's name.

I personally play three different builds at different points.

No-Fury generator OP:KS builds for Trash Farming

HotA w/ Smash and Bash w/ Punish for VotA runs

No Fury generator HotA w/ Thunderstrike for General Trash/Elite farming.

The last build isn't the most efficient build, but I find it fun on Fields and Oasis runs, just because you spin in, drop a rend, hit a hammer and then spin some more whilst the mobs just sit stunned inside your Tornado's.

I've seen one guy with what he called a Hoplite build, 300th spear mainhand and -9 to Weapon Throw on his gear and Weapon Throw as his fury builder, using Seismic Slam as his fury spender. Again not hugely efficient but it looked alot of fun.

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