Pre-order rewards VS Collectors edition

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Alright, so. I payed good money for the Collectors edition and appreciate the rewards very much.
But... What? By just PRE-ORDERING Diablo 3 for consoles you get the same rewards? (minus the banner stuff)
And all these items for PS3? I, what? What even Blizzard? WHAT EVEN!?
I really hope you're not going to start favoring the Console versions because you can leave out what cannot be removed from D3 PC.
If you do. Many sads will fall upon thy community.
They added them for preorder because there is NO CE available to buy for the console version. Preordering was a nice little option to give console players the bonus items and still make them limited in some way rather then giving them to all console players.

The items are still exclusive to CE people on the PC, normal players on the PC can't get them and PC/console people can't even play together so I'll never understand the complaints about this one.
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