Thought I'd drop in and say "hi"

As title says!


Been a while, noticed some names that are still around :P
Yes it has been a while, hope you're doing ok.
Hey, look who's back! I hope you enjoyed that extended vacation of yours! (%
Nice monk
Hey man! Are you playing or just visiting the forum? I removed you after I saw you offline for 30+ days... if you're back I'll add you again: -)
Hey Enot. You have not missed much, but Fitz is more of a boob, uh I mean noob, than ever.
I've considered coming back xD just not sure I'm motivated enough to do so haha.

Life has been great just incredibly busy, been spending my last couple months of gaming between warframe and firefall.

Has D3 changed much? or still mostly the same as before?
Blast form the past! Good to see you lurking...maybe see you in game =)

Sup, I see your rocking a WKL. So your cool dude ^_^
Hey man! You're not kidding, it HAS been a while lol.

How goes it?

If D3 isn't drawing you back you could always give MH (the super heroes arpg many of the d1+2 staff is working on) a try with the few of us (me, baggins, steel... kamel plays maybe twice a week at this point...) that are still mostly playing that over D3. I haven't been on D3 in a while myself. Since before MH launched so probably almost 3 months now.

I just noticed after submitting my post that you mentioned Firefall. Buddy of mine I play MH with mentioned that the other day too. Is it pretty good? Besides MH I've been playin XCOM, FC3, and a few other games in the last month or so.

Tbh not sure how much I'll even be playing MH once PS4 comes out. Really lookin forward to gettin back to playin with a controller and on my TV that's like 3x bigger than my PC monitor lol. Lookin foward to Destiny, Division, and FFXIV over there :p
Btw, Noone is ever playing MH.
We'll steel is but most time the guild is a barren wasteland
I need to make some MH friends
I talked with Jirad about maybe jumping on for a bit in one of the next couple of weeks.

Great to see alot of the people from before are still in the community and active, thats a decent enough reason to jump on and play a bit with some people.

Was playing Warframe for a while but got into the top 500 and was bored just doing the same things over and over with even less of a goal than at least paragon leveling here haha.

Firefall is pretty fun atm, but it does get repetitive, that said they are developing content and making changes in their OB so that is something to keep in mind. It's F2P so no real commitment if you tried and didn't like it, you've only lost a little bit of time. It's much more a TPS styled game so really nothing comparable to D3 lol. I found having loved the ME series, despite its flaws :P and games like EVE that Firefall fulfills that desire for a skill based game, where gear is important but not end all be all of progression that it is in so many other games.

Has D3 changed much? or still mostly the same as before?

The rich got richer, the poor continue to complain and the endgame is farming AH's.

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