@Druin -- There's another competition thread

So apparently (from Chazhang's post in Kim's FoM thread), there is a competition thread in the barb forum that I think has your name written all over it:


I fully expect you to own the competition, should you choose to post your entry. :)
I've already informed Druin of this. He has it somewhere down on his to do list. I think right now he's pretty backed up with the solo DE farming challenge as well as being the leader of the 5 kingdoms monk branch challenge.

It doesn't help that I also grab him randomly for our group DE farming as well. I even assigned him homework for things to test out for the next time we run!

I'm actually really hoping that his RNG lines up to break the 50 DE/hr barrier because with the tenacity he's shown he's definitely earned it. The club is pretty lonely ever since Tangos has quit... Also I'd be nice to be able to grab him for group farming more often ;)
Bascially Chaz answered this for me. :P

I do not like "failing" and I plan on doing solo VotA runs over and over and over until I break 50 de's/hr.

Until that time, I have little interest in other challenges that will take equally large amounts of time so the FoM one is on hold.

I am extremely confident that I can break 7k mobs/hr and I believe I should be able to top the WD if I try hard enough ... though that remains to be seen.

I think we have quite a bit of time before loot 2.0 and then the expansion so I am not super flustered.

When I get back from vacation I will continue plugging away at VotA and eventually turn my attention to the FoM side of things! :D

-Druin, the happy monk
Go back to my survival challenge, that was fun. The rest of these challenges don't seem too enjoyable.
07/29/2013 09:40 AMPosted by jco310
Go back to my survival challenge, that was fun. The rest of these challenges don't seem too enjoyable.

That was fun! Enjoyable is very subjective. I enjoy making spreadsheets and tracking efficiency as I make tiny adjustments to gear/strategy/skills. This makes Chaz's brand of challenges quite enjoyable to me! :D
Subjective as in "boring", agreed.


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