Upcoming Hotfix: Gold Stack Size Increased on RMAH

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Update 7/29/2013 @ 12:00 p.m. PDT: This hotfix has been implemented.


During tomorrow's scheduled maintenance, we will be applying a hotfix in both the Americas and European gameplay regions, increasing the maximum stack size for gold listings on the real-money auction house from 10 million to 50 million *. (As with previous changes, the minimum price per stack will remain at $0.25.)

For those who may be curious, this change is being made to ensure that the price of gold in the real-money house remains competitive compared to third-party sites. Since one of the goals of the real-money auction house is to provide players a safe place in which to both buy and sell commodities, we want to make sure it continues to be useful and that don’t players to feel forced to use third-party sites simply because it's the cheaper option. Also, for those who may be concerned, please rest assured that the bug which caused the gold dupe back in May (when we raised the stack size cap to 10 million) has indeed been resolved and should not resurface as a result of this hotfix. Even so, we will be conducting extensive testing in the live game environment during maintenance before bringing the servers up to verify that no new issues were caused as the result of raising the cap to 50 million.

Once this hotfix is live, we’ll post an update to this thread as well as on the front page of the community site so you won’t miss out. Thanks!

* Please note that this change will only apply to gold auctions created after the hotfix has gone live; any auction posted beforehand, as well as those still active when the hotfix is implemented, will continue to be valued at 10,000,000 gold per stack.
Great change for a hotfix, this was needed when the last patch came out to keep RMAH gold sales competitive with 3rd party sites, now the new floor is $0.005 per million down from $0.025 though there needs to be a $1 minimum purchase.

Still, a welcomed change.
I don't use the RMAH. Does this mean my gold is going to be worth 20% what it used to be starting tomorrow? I was liquidating my gear to cash out until next time I play but looks like I might have done it too late.
Wow, inflation in the non AH will go totally wild...
07/29/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Ender
I don't use the RMAH. Does this mean my gold is going to be worth 20% what it used to be starting tomorrow?

Yes all those 2b gold items on the gold AH just went from being worth $54 to about $12. Which means the RMAH is going to have a hell of a lot more items on it. This is just a way for blizzard to keep transaction fees going.

They know they can't keep up with 3rd party sites. They just want to use that as an excuse.
Why even have a minimum bid? Obviously this is just going to keep happening...
LOL at this. GG men.
all this really does it make it harder for new and casual players to gear their charecters...
well this blows! Never gonna find good items on the gold AH and decent items are now going to be 2bil, and who the hell can farm 2bil without resorting to the RMAH...nice job blizz!
07/29/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Haltemi
all this really does it make it harder for new and casual players to gear their charecters...

Makes it harder for everyone, soon items on GMAH for even mid-tier are just going to vanish..we'll be forced to use RMAH to upgrade, GG.

The difference wasn't even that great this time around to justify a 2.5x floor drop, they're just using that as an excuse.

Hey Blizz, how about you add a fricken decent gold sink instead of continously devaluing our gold?
I was going to go buy a billion gold item and hope to sell it for 2 or 3 billion in a few weeks but you know what, I won't be coming back and playing unless they totally revamp items and add some sort of ladder or alternate play mode that would make me want to start over anyway so just gonna let it rot on my account.
was watching my friend kingkonger live stream when he said about this post and everyone is raging in his chat.

this is a bad idea blizz unless u trying to someway get rid of gold some way that i don't realize yet
Why not just erase everyones gold and significantly reduce monster gold drops thus creating a fair playing field for everyone. You will never beat the RMT w/ a RMAH/AH stop thinking every last one of your players are idiots blizzard.
Yep, this is the icing on the cake. Absolutely no faith in dev team anymore.
Its not directly blizzards fault, if people didn't bot then the prices would have to change to try and compete.
Game is dying

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