Upcoming Hotfix: Gold Stack Size Increased on RMAH

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I never posted on a thread like this to complain or !@#$% about any changes that I didn't agree with... but this is preposterous, how can you be so close minded?
I'm really pissed off, instead of fixing the broken market you've just open the gap even more... 2b = $12 and that's the cap... $250 in RMAH?

this is idiotic.
LOL ............... Blizzard.... So now maximum gold you can buyout or bid on an item is 12 dollars worth? Why don't you just ban all the botters?! BLIZZARD FAILS ONCE AGAIN EPIC FAIL.GG.
07/29/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Haltemi
all this really does it make it harder for new and casual players to gear their charecters...

thats the whole point. introduce a ladder system, and refresh the economy every so often? make it a choice, so that those who dislike this idea can play on non ladder.

why don't they do this? every casual gamer is most likely a console/DLC user. so they dont mind spending money on games. so they go to the RMAH.

EVERY !@#$ING THING is meant to increase RMAH sales.
I quit as of last week. Figures this happened when I'm about ready to cash out.

I'm never giving this company another dime. /spit Good riddance.

this destroys more than it fixes, who came up with this terrible idea?

all this does it making sure all current 2bill items (there are already items too good to sell on gold AH as it is) wont exist on the gold AH because they are worth so much more.

To get any good top 10% gear you will have to resort to the real money AH, do you really believe forcing people to pay real money to get any good gear in the game, is a good way to go ahead?

You just shot yourselves in the foot for doing this, good job. Many applauds from me!

if you do this, you MUST raise the gold limit for a purchase on the gold AH, you cant possibly force people to resort to real money to be able to progress in this game... woah..
This is excellent. Very good fix.. if you wanted to destroy the game that is.

So.. who at the office said: "Lets make any random item be worth 2 billion gold and if they want a slightly better item, they need to pay in euros."?

This fixes nothing.. 1 billion will be 5 euro. Well.. guess what. Gold sites will just sell 1 billion for 4 euro! What did you accomplish? Besides destroying the auction house of course.

Just remove gold auction house already.. it's beyond pointless now. I have good gear, this won't bother me much, but boy did you screw over most other people big time..
What if I told you that the value of gold has absolutely nothing to do with the price values that Blizzard sets it at?
Wow. What a giant slap in the face.
What's a trade window?
They should hotfix Barbarian instead of increase stack sizes of gold!

Barbarian is broken, and I'm not talking about WotB, they can Furious Charge and keep the effect up fulltime. This is ridiculous.
You guys are are too fixated on gold. GOLD is not the reason for the game. The game is fun to play. Too many are worried about gold, value and the old might dollar in the game. GET OVER IT ALREADY!
R.I.P AH now u cant find good item there all will by gone and put on RMAH
This is how AH will die fast
07/29/2013 11:50 AMPosted by Altruistic
What if I told you that the value of gold has absolutely nothing to do with the price values that Blizzard sets it at?

Wrong. 3rd party sites are currently selling just below rmah price. Rmah is filled with botted gold. This botted gold will be put cheaper and cheaper on rmah now that it is possible. The floor will be hit at 50mil = 0.25€ quickly because of the insane amount of gold waiting to be sold.

1 bil = 19€ today
1 bil = 4€ soon.

This proves that what Blizzard did, will directly influence the value of gold.

(Deleted post above because I forgot the quote).

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