Hardcore Monk Guide Best Build (1.0.8)

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Hardcore Monk Guide Best Build (1.0.8)


Minimum gear requirements:
Crit Chance: 35+
Attack Speed: 1.6
Life Steal: 2.5+
Resistance: 600+
Armor: 5k+
Life: 60+

Extra notes:
- Use a shield
- Ignore small packs
- use Ice Climbers + Trif Ring NOT Nats

Yep, I have a similar build and it works great!

Pro tips, good guide
I got to level 51 Hell Hardcore with this and some stupid skeletons blew me up whilst trying to get 1 of the 2 ball things in Act 1. I used the Way of a Thousand Fists instead.
I think I'm going to have to give Hardcore a try one of these days - esp HC self found. But the fact that I sorely need every mule I can make doesn't give me the chance to play HC :-(

Here's hoping that they decide to give us more than 2 more character slots in the expansion or more stash tabs.
realy? ok...

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