[VIDEO] The Archon Guide

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Compiled by Jaetch


I'm pleased to announce that after working on this video for over three months, I finally have something to show.

This is a video guide designed to help players who are new to (or confused about) the Archon wizard build. Most experienced players may find much of the content in this guide very familiar, but hopefully there are some elements in the guide that can still prove to be enlightening.

Disclaimer: names, items, places, etc. featured in the video belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All music used belong to their respective recording artists. All included footage credited to their original recorders. No copyright infringements are intended. This video is not to be used for personal profits.

CHAPTER I: Overview (00:02:14)

CHAPTER II: Gearing (00:03:40)
- Gear Choices (00:04:14)
- Upgrading Demo (00:29:29)
- FAQs (00:45:52)

CHAPTER III: Skill Selection (00:49:10)
- Active skill choices (00:49:42)
- Passive skill choices (00:51:20)
- Alternate skill choices (00:54:15)

CHAPTER IV: Gameplay (00:55:41)
- Using Archon
- Using Critical Mass (00:56:55)
- Tips & Tricks (00:59:31)

CHAPTER V: Farming (01:02:49)
- Act I, II & III Routes
- MP Selection (1:12:58)
- Paragon Farming (1:15:37)

CHAPTER VI: Ubers & Bosses (01:17:46)

CHAPTER VII: The Future (01:20:17)

Approximate run time: 86 minutes

- On occasion, pop-ups will show up on the screen. Feel free to pause the video to read them as they act as supplementary information to what I'm talking about.
- I speak very fast and I apologize in advance for that (I've considered subtitling this; perhaps in the future if absolutely necessary).
- There are some things I intentionally left out of the video because they pertain to elements not specific to the Archon build. If I covered absolutely everything that remotely deals with the build, this video would be as long as "Gone With the Wind" and I'd be locked up in an asylum by now.
That is one long-!@# guide, that is
It's not just a guide, it's a movie.
Damn it's almost as long as LOTR Extended Director's Cut!
07/30/2013 02:27 PMPosted by Jaetch
It's not just a guide, it's a movie.

It's a lifestyle
Chapter VIII - How stuff looks awesome on femme wizzies.
ohhh I'm excited to watch this
07/30/2013 02:34 PMPosted by Junger
Chapter VIII - How stuff looks awesome on femme wizzies.

Hahaha, YOU make that video.
grats on the wrap up jae. :D
I'm watching it now. Can I repost later?!!!
Amazing -- I'm pretty sure more time was spent in post-production on this video than on Sharknado.
Am I in yet
Nice video, Very helpful.
Simply amazing. The time and effort you put into this over the last several months is much appreciated. I hope the various D3 sites (including this one) showcase your video on their front pages. It really deserves it.
this should be stickied, hard
Just thoroughly enjoyed the first 33 minutes, I'll have to watch the rest later but awesome so far.
Thanks for the support, peeps, I would be nothing without the community!

Edit: Wow, typo. No one saw that, haha. 60 seconds posting cooldown is OP.
bumpin for free knowledge yo
Jaetch! I think that it's wonderful the job that you've done in this video. It truly shows that you're not just godly gear. You know about this class and this game. You're truly amazing.
I was waiting a lot for this video, and thanks again for all the effort that you've put on this video.
Also dat voice...

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