So, I drew Tyrael

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And I'm quite happy with the outcome. :D
this is like the greatest thing ive ever seen
Thanks ray :D

And I'm quite happy with the outcome. :D
Great job on this! I especially like the way you handled Tyrael's armor!

Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing it with us!
eventhough im an artist too, im not gona comment on the pic rather than its a great to see good artwork. :D nice work man.
Trés cool! Very nice work.
very cool nice work
I hope to not rain on ya or anything, but I saw this a while ago and was quite impressed by it. While the wings are not Diablo-esque, the whole of the image screams Diablo. Enjoy!

To be fair though, I found just now that the image came from somewhere else on the net before the link above.
Great speedpaint! I dabble in conceprtart/graphic design and like to see fan art! ... Maybe a few of the artists in the forums could start a weekly design thread? Like lets re-design a weapon, monster or something ?
Another sexy job there Verticae!

But ... where is Sir Fancy Tyreal?

I miss you
whoa it looks so cool man, good work
Thanks for the responses (and blue post)!

As a thank-you, here's a sneak peek of what I got going on right now:
Holy cow, that's amazing! You're very talented!
exactly the same thought
eventhough im an artist too, im not gona comment on the pic rather than its always great to see a good art piece, nice work man.
Nice work, love the detail.

If you're interested in any constructive criticism, work on the left arm and leg a little more, next time. With the flowing line of the cloak apparently through the bottom of the cloth covering his left leg, it looks as if his leg is missing, even though his boot is clearly visible. I'm guessing that drawing the full left leg, very lightly, with the cloth overlay would give the appearance of the cloth being thin, or you could erase all portions of the leg armor under the cloth with small amounts poking out from the side to flesh it out a little, but mostly it's the continuation of the bottom edge of the cloak showing through that forces the "missing leg" appearance.

However, like I said, the detail is fantastic, and it's much better than I could do. I don't have an artistic bone in my body.
Probably one of the top 63 artist of this generation
Fantastic job!

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