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so before i used to multibox and i had 3 account but all 3 of them got hacked i only was able to get one account back but not today out of the blue after weeks and weeks of not logging on to one of the other acccount blizzard send me a email saying telling me that they are deleteing one of the account due to hacking ? is there anyway i can prove that it was not me ? i do not even have the password. cant they check and see that that account was not logged in from my ip please can anyone help me out ???

what should i do i dont have the other account as who hacked them added authenticators onto them
Hi Jayngo, the most recent ticket I see from this account is a month old~ have you attempted to contact us recently about the issue, and if so, was there a ticket sent from this account?

Edit: I see that on ticket ID# 38908147 you reported the compromise on this account, but I don't see mention anywhere of the additional accounts. If you have not done so already, please use the recovery portal to let us know about the issue so that we can help you resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you!
So I am confused. You spent money on 3 accounts but no money on any authenticators?
08/07/2013 06:52 PMPosted by nekkra
So I am confused. You spent money on 3 accounts but no money on any authenticators?

^I am almost 100% sure you can get an authenticator app on a smartphone for free.
My understanding though is that the smartphone app authenticator isn't as secured and not as recommended as the real McCoy? I thought this was discussed before in forums, or am I mistaken?
My understanding of the mobile authenticator is that it's just as secure as the physical one. The one downside to the mobile app is that there's a tendency to overwrite the serial number if the app gets updated, which is why we encourage saving the serial and restore code (that can be found through the setup screen). To counter that, the downside to the physical one is it's one more thing to keep on a keychain, which can get a bit unwieldy. Just comes down to personal preference, really.

Personally, I use the mobile one. I've locked myself out a couple of times when I did an update for my phone's OS, so am now sure to screenshot those codes as soon as the app goes back on after I remove it temporarily, before an update.

When Blizzard database's were hacked the mobile and dial-in authenticators were compromised.

When that happened I went back to the physical token (had a few of them anyway).

Also if your phone was hacked or borrowed they could pull the authenticator number from the device and use it on their own device.

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