What Creature of Sanctuary Would You Want As a Pet?

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Simply because a beast is covered from head-to-toe in razor-sharp spines or has a poisonous sting doesn't mean that it wouldn't make a fine pet - with the right amount of tender loving care, of course.

And for this week's Community Question we want to know:

If you could have any creature of Sanctuary as a pet, which would you choose?

Leave a comment below to let us know which you would choose and why, or head over to our latest blog for more beastly pondery: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10569963#best
I would go for a herald of pestilence I think. Imagine summer time with alot of girls with short skirts. You get the picture.
One of them charging cows to ride to ride should be fun :)
~The Goblin~

maybe after I earn the goblins trust may I enter the portal they use to get away and finally get to see where they end up going to ?? A mysterious world full of treasure chests and gold where the land is floating amongst the clouds and is full of mystery for me to explore :P

Treasure goblin or maybe a quill beast.
A Twinkleroot (I'd go even further and say a Twinkleroot with a Happy Cloud smiling face on it). Imagine having my own little flower running around after my heroes, collecting gold, gems, and tomes.

My Twinkleroot pet would also be doing Sanctuary a great public service by collect and selling for scrap value, all those rare (oxymoron?!) items which clutter the ground (the demons in Sanctuary ought to be charged a hefty fine for littering in this manner).
A succubus...what...I have a warlock what can I tell you.
I want a Demonic Tremor. I mean look at this big guy. All cute and horrifying.

He just wants a hug. http://users.on.net/~link22/Diablo/Tremor01.jpg
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I also want a Demonic Tremor or ... Maghda. She would look like a horned fairy when shrunken down to pet size and I kind of like the armor/wings on her.
Treasure Goblin.

Then I could see what is on the other side of the portal. Plus I could laugh at all the adventurer's who failed to kill me and instead aggroed a bunch of elites.
I would like an elite swarm or a desert fly. I have the most trouble with those in closed spaces, and they almost always get me in act 2. A Skeleton Mage would be my 3rd choice.
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