Hall of MP 10 Viable Doc's

Witch Doctor
Ok so im bored today at work .....

This topic will be dedicated to the witch doctors that have worked very hard to make a mp10 viable doc.

These docs should get the recognition they deserve
And once complete a sticky will requested

This will be a version of our own dprogress.

Contact has been made with dprogress to link those to a point system... No response yet
There will be points assigned to your toon based on stats from dprogress or better yet d3up.com

Heres how I think it should scale and am open to ideas and suggestions

I believe we should separate 1h and 2h docs in this

Example build ... Not real :p. made up

3500 armor
700 AR
60 k life
Ehp 650,000
Dps. 200k

Armor---------x 20 x 3500 = 70,000 points
All resist------x 100 x 700 = 70,000 points
Life------------x 20 x 60k = 120,000 points
Ehp------------x 20 x 650 k = 1.3 m points
Dps-------------x .5 x 200k= 100k points

If this is stupid idea let know. I know it would be cumbersome to input your own stats at this point

Or if you like it lets put something together here

Please don't post stats yet as I would like the WD community input before we move forward

Idk ... How many do we limit on list top --?

Example build unbuffed per dprogress

3500 armor
700 AR
60 k life
Ehp 650,000
Dps. 200k

Could I get a link to this hypothetical WD? Or maybe you were just throwing things together. I think its a great idea, but I have been trying all sorts of different gears with my WD on d3up and I have yet to be able to achieve those stats. I don't think it is possible to have 650k EHP with only 60K life, 700 AR, and 3500 armor, maybe I'm missing something though. I was able to hit the EHP mark but it took 70k life, 900 AR, and 4200 armor. This is a 1H gear set as well. But I don't see that making a big difference in being able to hit those numbers you mentioned.

I was bored as well with the servers down, so maybe I was reading into this too much, but good luck with this and I'll be checking back to see what happens going forward.

EDIT: adding d3up build I mentioned above
Yes this idea is totally inane,

however I will participate :) because I too am bored at work.

Two CoB builds:

Two hander:

One Hander:

I put those there because 1 hander and two hander have a big difference for me:
One Handers need horrify FA for reflects damage elites
My two handed build can instead use BBV or Mass Confusion

So to say 'DPS', we all know WDs are all about buffs and real DPS against elites.
It's complicated to calculate that anyways, because you could have 5 stacks of SH, BBV, Mass Confusion, and zero gruesome feast. Then you could get 5 stacks of GF, 5 stacks of SH, BBV still up, mass confusion has two seconds left, and you're restarting CoB to snapshot the damage.

And then zero dogs breaks it all. Zero dogs gets 5 SH, 5 GF, and provoke the pack.

Verse elites:
The first hit does 173K DPS, the second hit guarantees PtP is on for 207K DPS, and then GF builds up from there over a variable amount of time, up to 308k DPS. That's without SH. SH brings it up to 378K DPS. BBV is 540k DPS and GF stacks faster. Then MC is 1.2x damage.
So re-doing it:
BBV starts, SH at 5 stacks, GF at zero, first hit is 315k DPS.
Then PtP turns on, 364k DPS.
Then GF starts stacking, up to 540k DPS. Mostly maintaining this as long as BBV is up.
I've absolutely no idea how this can tie up with dprogress, it's not even quantifiable.
Neither is there any achievement to proof that we've cleared MP10 (and Ubers) solo.

The proof will probably be video footage, but then how do you rank? Definitely not by timer, because there's too much RNG involved from Act 1 Quest 1 through Act 4 Diablo.

Dprogress ranking itself is a flawed concept because it does not even bother if the player gets 1-shot by the weakest mob in MP10. Also, "viable" in CotA is not the same as "viable" in Silver Spire, although they are both MP10.

The weightage to Stats is a balancing possibility, but gear is only half the equation. The skill-build is the other variable half, with buffs and reductions all taking place real-time depending on the player's style and preference. You cannot dismiss the skill-builds in the rankings because a set of skills for one player will also become his opportunity cost for not having another combination of skills, which affect the stats and thus the ranking.

Just my 2c.
you must be so bored... lol
you can even start Hall of Mp 10 with all toons ;P

you don't know how to "end" this game?
you have to log out with a mempo and a non-lifesteal high CD echoing fury ;p
@paulNgyou don't know how to "end" this game?you have to log out with a mempo and a non-lifesteal high CD echoing fury ;p

ahhh.... so I got trolled by Reaper in his boredom?? damn........
i would get involved with this:
my stats:

242k+ dps
800 ar

i am a 1 hand and mojo user
70k hp
3600 armor
630 AR
2h setup

Have no issues with any areas of MP 10.
oh..i was talking about dprogress.. ;P

07/30/2013 11:58 AMPosted by PaulNg
@paulNgyou don't know how to "end" this game?you have to log out with a mempo and a non-lifesteal high CD echoing fury ;p

ahhh.... so I got trolled by Reaper in his boredom?? damn........
07/30/2013 12:02 PMPosted by Hours
Have no issues with any areas of MP 10.

...except for VOTA, ACT3, and ACT4?
66K+ hp
4,090 Armor
312k+ dps
731 ar

1h & 1m
I've heard of this MP10 place. Was a grand ol time.
Well, I fall short on the 60k hp, but it is not a necessity, as you can see. My WD straight up annihilates MP 10 so save a spot for me in the Hall of Fame.
Also bump for my buddy Jride:
over 1 million EHP with a XP gem in his helm and over 200k DPS

That's someone who can handle all content, even trees.

Gotta chop down those trees with that Skorn Axe.
Or we just change the name to "Hall of Docs"

You guys crack me up luff and Paul Ty for the entertainment while bored at work. Lol

Paul you are right dprogress is flawed to some degree but unbuffed stats will have to come from that or d3up.com. Which IMO is better anyway.

Anyway I don't think we should worry about buffs skill set etc

Players will input their best build and see what points they get

What this does too is puts us in one spot for us to compare, compete and improve if needed

Idk.....Like I said. Bored at work. :p

Btw that was a sample build I just made up totaly not important to this topic other then showing the order of scoring.
07/30/2013 12:53 PMPosted by MCP
That's someone who can handle all content, even trees.

You mean this?

The "Old Man" hall of fame?
Yes. That should be it.

Can you beat the Old Man tree event without dying and without constantly running away?

I did it.

/Old Man Hall of Fame

wait a sec...
oooo i to want to try that old man tree event. Sounds fun. Ty
I've done it with groups but never really tested to see if I can tank that event without running away like a girl :p
07/30/2013 12:08 PMPosted by frostyboss
...except for VOTA, ACT3, and ACT4?

@frostyboss: A death here and there is fine in my book. Feel free to add, and run any of the above with me. -Hours
Hi :)

Guess i am mp10 viable :)

REAPER666 : if using a SOJ should add bonus as well. Consider Bonus Vs Elites as a modifier as well.

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