Live 0-Dog Walkthrough Tonight at 7:30PM MST

Witch Doctor
Hey, I will be doing a live walk-through of the 0Dog build this evening at 730PM MST, If you have any questions regarding play-style, gear, build, Etc



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nice another 0 dog streamer...
It's about god damn time, lol jk. Yes very glad to see another WD streamer let a lone a 0 Dog one at that, Welcome and I look forward to checking you out.

Awesome, should be a fun watch. I have always wanted to try a 0Dog build but as I'm sure happens with most people, the cost is just too high for someone that doesn't flip/buy gold. The rings, the ammy, ok... but that mojo... sheesh.

One day though, when the AH has crashed so hard it's biblical, and the drops still aren't fixed, I'll buy a set then :).


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