arpg - grim dawn - has anyone played it?

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i saw it on a 2013 top arpg list on youtube and it looked pretty good and vaguely remember some people mentioning they've played it on the forums. everyone on the video was commenting it was similar to d2/titan quest/tl2 and if you liked those games then you'd probably like this.

can someone whose played it tell me what their experience was like? was it good? was there many people on the server? was it similar to d2/tl2 from their experience?

thanks in advance
Not sure if this one will get deleted as well.

Grim Dawn is in Alpha right now. It's single player, but will have MP at release. There are no closed servers for MP. Like TQ:IT you will create your own public games for people to join. It will also be completely moddable. So if those things turn you off, just avoid it.

I think GD is great. If you liked TQ:IT you'll like GD. However, it IS still Alpha, so there is limited game play, some bugs, and Beta/release are probably months away. Alpha and Beta are rewards for the supporting the developers, so they are $ higher tiers than just the base game.
I played the Alpha and enjoyed it very much. There is limited content but still fun. If you liked Titan Quest, then you will like Grim Dawn.
thank you for your experience, no im okay with modding as i usually avoid those games anyways. yeah i've discovered its still in alpha (although the video i saw looked very good for a alpha stage!) and a lot of people (and the video) looked comparable to d2/tl2/TQ etc with the way skills work, combat, i've heard a lot of positives regarding the currently limited itemisation (due to only being 1 act so far) but the video i saw was a lvl 25, and he already found 3 pieces of 'legendary' (the higher tier) items.

i didn't realise it was a pay to play alpha though... probably wait for beta in that case along with online MP play, thank you for your replies!
I quit playing Titan's quest the moment my cousin entered my game with a hacked up godmode character.

All these ARPG's (Torchlight, Grim Dawn) that do not have a closed multiplayer mode fail.
08/09/2013 01:01 PMPosted by Spagetto
All these ARPG's (Torchlight, Grim Dawn) that do not have a closed multiplayer mode fail.

I never understand this logic. There is nothing stopping you from playing honestly with other people who do not cheat.

And anyways, usually games with closed multiplayer modes have people cheating anyways...

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