Disintegrate / Arcane mines build

Disintegrate / Arcane mines build
This Build play as semi range kiting / tank build like when u play with trap DH that use spike trap and shadow power this wiz use arcane mines to deal heavy damage to enemies can attack from long distance and have mirror image tank support instead. This build I use to farm MP10 solo in my current spec it take around 1 min to kill rare pack and 30-50 sec in champion pack so it can farm any MP depend on gears and player skill.


- Mirror Image / Duplicates
- Disintegrates / Chaos Nexus
- Energy Armor / Prismatic Armor
- Teleport / Safe Passage
- Arcane Torrent / Arcane Mines
- Magic Weapon / Blood Magic
Passive : 1.Temporal Flux 2.Critical Mass 3.Astral Presence

Temporal Flux : slow enemies when use arcane damage skills in this build.
Critical Mass : use for quick refresh cooldown of mirror image and teleport.
Astral Presence : for support AP.
Mirror Image : shadow clones to keep enemies away from ur wiz can also use to break out from jail and frozen I like to put this skill on left click.
Disintegrates : this skill is not a main damage skill use for slow down enemies with Temporal Flux then finish them of with arcane mines ,refresh all cool-down on attack with Critical Mass and quick heal on attack with LS on weapon.
Energy Armor : for all protection buff or u can change to other armor skill such as
Energy Armor / Pinpoint Barrier for armor buff and 5 CC that will give u more damage and more AP when crit.
Storm Armor / Power of Storm for lower AP cost of all skills by 3 and damage nearby enemy .
Teleport : for escape
Arcane torrent : this skill deal heavy damage in small area in low AP cost u can spam this all day as long as this skill still hit target. You can have only 6 active mines. If you cast a seventh too fast, the first one will be removed (without exploding). So ur attack speed must stay below 1.90477 APS for cast less than 3 mines/second.
Magic Weapon : for DPS buff and gain extra LS

Pros of this build
1.This is a long range build that still can deal good damage most long range build in this game kill god damn slower than melee build.
2.Can attack from long distance keep your wiz save
3.Have shadow clones tank keep enemies busy all the time.
4.Never buy HP potion from NPC and low repair cost from high survivability.
5.Near infinity AP not need any signature skill
6.This build will more effective if team up with Votex monk , CM SNS wiz or both.
7.Easy to covert between WD and wiz in low cost (just buy LS Skorn + Zuni helm u can switch to bats WD)

Con of this build
1.Can't stack high attack speed on gear ur attack speed must stay below 1.90477 APS for cast less than 3 mines/second actually attack speed around 1.5 is enough.
2.Fast movement enemies (Desert Hornet, act3 key warden, Occulist etc.) arcane mines will do less effective to catch them up due to the delay times u need to slow them down with disintegrate or wait they come close to u or wait till they start attack ur clones before use arcane mines or use disintegrates to finish them.
3.Not effective if team up with other player that use fear and knockback.

Gear set up
This build gear for both WD and wiz for easy to switch class. This build work on both LS skorn and black LS 1 handed weapon + Orb but I suggest 1handed weapon + Orb cause I wana make kiting easier keep in mind u need slow weapon to save AP use per second so u can't use weapon that faster than axe with 1.3 attack speed and off-hand u need 18-20 APOC in ur orb and 5crit Storm crow u can find APOC Triumvirate if wana focus on damage or The Oculus with +HP. You also need these stats such as dex 500 for 20% dodge really helpful for survive ,ehp around 500k with prismatic armor ,50 CC ,around 1.5 AS ,45k HP atleast ,650-700 Resis and 3500-4000k Armor unbuffed.

When I gear I don't buy Item that have these on random stats
-extra HP from globe and potion (my regen high enough and LS weapon heal super quick when attack)
-pick up gold and globe area (just only one item that have 5-7 pick up area is enough don't stack too much or not need if u don't pick any gold)
-single resistance (it waste not effective only looking all resistance or + Armor for cheaper)
-magic find and gold find (These are just temporary need if u keep up ur paragon u can take of MF and GF in later game)
-melee attacker take damage (useless there are something more useful)
-life on kill (in mid - high MP it take too much time to kill mob life steal, life on hit, life regen work better)
-level requirement (when LV hit 60 this stats mean nothing)

Follower gearring
I go with full crowd control skills Enchantress learn Charm, Power Armor, Disorient and Mass Control. About her gear I let her use Azurewrath sword for hit freeze and stack attack many attack speed and other protection as much as possible.

hope u guys enjoy to try this build :) open up for any question, comment and suggestion.
have fun.
very interesting

what's your call on stacking "increased elite damage" gears?

like storm crow/tyrael's might/the oculus/soj, etc etc
Increased damage to elite that is a good stats u can use.
Add more detail on gear and follower
I just posted my version without realising there was already a post for this combo.

My version is based on a one-handed weap with no LS, so I had to have diamond skin just to handle reflect monsters. Shame really I love teleport. Also for one-handed weap, I am using a helm with 3 AP cost reduction for disintegrate.

I never did try this build with a skorn with LS... think I will have to give it a go!

looks like you using blizzard instead of disint for the 20% extra dmg. seems cool either way.

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