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Hey diablo 3 fans

Just wanted to tell you guys about my new YouTube channel.
We just started a Lets Play diablo 3 with me and a friend. Come and check it out support us
Of course Diablo 3.

Also we will be giving away prizes after we hit 50 subs and then again at 100
The first prize were think the razor Naga mouse , then a WOW Cata mouse as well
So come and check us out. Even if its just to see what we're all about :)

Also we are now trying a different look on a lets Play editing wise
going for a bit of comedy i really think it will be hard to sit threw the new video

(being uploaded now (be online in like an hour) and not laugh your !@# off

but dont take my work on it check it out and comment and let us know if you like it or not even if you comment us back on here thats cool just looking for some input

thanks again
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