Well i Just got scammed by the Auction house

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Hi Finn, I see that transaction ID 1686811519 shows a quantity of (1), for a total gold amount of 6,314 gold. When I checked the AH right now, I found another Tome for about 4K, so that's in keeping with what I would expect to see.

You said that on your side it's showing that 50 were purchased - when you get a chance, please take a screenshot of what you're seeing and attach that to your last ticket so we can have that as reference. Thank you!

Screen shot posted on ticket
Finn, thanks for sending that in. My understanding here is that this can happen when the system accepts the bid for a stack size, but at that very moment someone else has also bid, and the (Tome stack) at the price you accepted becomes unavailable. The system tries to provide you the items at the price you agreed to - but it has less than that which it can provide.

If you look on that screenshot in the purchased column, you will see the number displayed there for the amount of the items that were actually transacted - when there is no number, the transaction was for a singular item.

Here's an example of what it will look like when the transaction processes for the full stack size. You can see that unlike your transaction, there is a (50) also displayed in the completed column.

Hope that clears that up a bit!
op didn't get scammed by the AH he just didn't pay attention. what happened was he search for TJC he wanted 50 so he press buy out, the actual availability of the TJC at that price was 1 so he received 1 at that price and the rest of the money was returned to him. I can almost guarantee this is what happened because the same thing happened to me and I was angry too for about 30 seconds until I actually looked again and realized while I only received 1 TJC I only paid for 1 TJC.

Moral of the story, stop, look and think.
Hi Zyron, the communication I've received suggests that the final pass at what it's going to take to resolve that is yet to come. I don't have an ETA to offer, however please know that this is something that is most definitely being addressed. Thanks again for your patience in the meantime :)

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