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Demon Hunter
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-Not sure that I remember playing with you before, but hey, if you want to again I'm always looking for more people to hunt demons with!

-I had read what you said about the ias on Manticore somewhere else before, but it didn't really click until I read it just now lol. So thanks for covering that again!

-As far as breakpoints, I think I'll browse the AH and see what I would be looking at to make the 2.01 happen. It may be out of my budget at the moment, but I've been between bps this whole time so it won't kill me to keep on farming until I can afford the last couple pieces to the puzzle.

-Your armor recommendations are exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this out for each and every one of us in here, much respect to you sir.

And just for your kindness.... Here is a hug WAVE for you!

<(^^<) <(^^<) <(^^<) \(^^\) \(^^\) (/^^)/ (/^^)/ (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)>
Hi Nyan!
I have a 200m budget and would like to improve my rapid fire DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my DH.
And I wish to use bombardment rapid fire rune!

Thank you very much, Fish
Hi Fish1231!

I would like to know if you will be using your hellfire ring the entire time. This changes gear a lot if that is replaced, but at the same time would gain more potential dps if you did replace. Or I could assume that the ias didn't exist on it?
Hello Nyan,

First of all, I've started to play with DH 2 weeks ago; so I'm really noob. :)

Here's my DH: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Drago-2490/hero/29543157

Besides the financial part, the solution is more important to me. That's why, please feel free to offer on any economical solution around 1-2 billions.

Before you start with your suggestions, let me tell and ask something:

* I know most of my items (especially rings) are crap. Don't think that I've bought the items on purpose, those were the items which I have found with my CM Wizard.

* I've noticed that you almost don't have any CHC on your items. Is that because of your 2 skills: Caltrop's-Bait the Trap and Sharpshooter? Do those 2 skills balance the lack of CHC? If yes, this means that trifecta items are not necessary, which makes the solution a bit cheaper maybe?

* I feel comfortable when I survive longer (comparing to have huge DPS) during the gameplay. That's why I play CM Wizard instead of Archon Wizard.

* I do like your build very much, it is epic. The only thing is that I like Vault more than Smoke Screen.

* In most of the buils you've suggested in this thread, rapid fire is the only active attack skill. How about Spike Trap or any signature spell to support rapid fire in case of zero hatred?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English. :)

Don't copy me!!!!!! Lol the reason why I have no crit hit chance is for other reasons that few people understand. Sharpshooter is not at all used in my build, it was just a dps test st 90% crit chance.

You can think of it as : Projectiles in this game are objects with your raw min/max damage, crit damage, bonus vs elites, bonus to skills, etc. However, crit chance is dynamic and global. This means that I can gear swap to crit chance gear while having these projectles w/ properties of my previous gear. Since crit chance is not part of this object and is instead static, I will gain super dps. Did that make sense?


If you wanna just see it in action..most deadly with rapid fire due to channelling being a single object

Iemme gear these guys now...lol you can also look at some of my previous replies as they are in goos detail and shouls give you a general idea what to do. As well I don't use my p100 DH anymore, its just 'the challenge' items I got for it sitting on it. I use my 2nd DH instead now

Ill help you gear after the guts before you. It might be better to give me a general idea of what would you like to do with ur DH. If your new, I kinda have an idea :P

Copy you? (Damn, I'm busted!) :D

CHC is an interesting issue. There are lots of factors such as the char, the skill build, item variations, etc. The importance of CHC is somehow open to discussion. And I'm too old to learn everything in so much detail, lol. But I do completely understand what you mean (the video helped a lot also).

I actually want to farm with my DH. I am not planning to play coop games with DH, because I do enjoy a lot to play coop with my CM Wizard even in MP 10, which is much more stronger and effective comparing my DH for coop games. I'm just bored to play single with my Wizard, DH is a new taste.
08/15/2013 05:56 AMPosted by Drago
I actually want to farm with my DH.

then just go BL on MP1. No need for snapshotting RF.


For rapid fire, breakpoints are 2.51, 3.34 aps (yes this is a huge difference!)

You only need 41% ias on Ur gear (43% if you use 10 ias calamity)

This is a huge change but ill make this possible ^.^

- Get inna's favor (possibly w/ vit, extra dex or life%). If your dps drops, this is fine!
- Get dex vile wards w/ vit. You need eHP
- Get inna's temperance with vit (possibly put more money into this)
- Craft BoA bracers w/ crit chance. If your dps drops, this is fine!
- Get a high crit chance/crit damage amulet (try crafting after bracers)
- Get max discipline somewhere (possibly on your cloak). High vit rolls is much cheaper than high dex w/ vit. I suggest getting a 170+ vit nat embrace w/ max discipline

Overall you spent too much money on gems than gear. Keep in mind that the quality of gear far surpass the quality of gem. As well having eHP is important.

I hope this put you in the right direction.



Ill assume you will keep ur hellfire ring. Your gear is actually fairly decent and will be hard to upgrade. But here are what I notice

On your 11 ias manticore, you are 2 ias below breakpoint. The only way I see to fix this is to get a 15 ias quiver. Your quiver is really awesome but it doesn't get to the breakpoint :( If you have some godly luck, you might find a rare quiver :D

If you replace hellfire ring, nat's reflection (9 ias) is a good option to look into.

Manticore can be upgraded for sure, or you could wait and just get marquise gem for bow (ruby only, emerald not needed).


Ima try to get you to 1.67 breakpoint with manticore. I know your helm, quiver, bracers, shoulders are fairly decent particularly the quiver.

- Buy a high dps, 2 socket manticore. Reserve ~300m or so for this (excluding gems). Weapon is the biggest influence of ur dps, so a high budget is recommended for the weapons. See this for some hints buying one (don't go for dex manticore unless you snipe an amazing deal due to generally having low weapon damage for the budget. If you had say a 4b budget, I would go for dex instead)

Manticore A has 10 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Manticore B has 11 ias and 1250 dps, 80 crit damage
Then choose Manticore A instead because it has more damage.

This is just a general statement, but of course there are many other factors/cases when choosing a weapon, such as weapon damage%, crit damage, the price. Don't look down on weapon damage!

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

This should kinda help you buy the right manticore. The ideal manticore has high weapon damage and crit damage!

Now to the other gears :

- Inna's temperance : Get a high vit roll (150+ vit). 8 attack speed is fine (and cheaper than 9)
- Get a witching hour with 80+ dex, and some eHP rolls of some sort (armor, all resist, vit, etc). Pick up radius isn't a bad option either and sometimes underpriced on WH
- Get a natalya's embrace with 200+ vit and 'decent' dex
- Get natalya's bloody footprints with 185+ dex/70+ vit
- Get vile wards with 201+ dex/vit and pick up radius
- Get a dex litany of the undaunted with crit damage. Personal preference and makes tanking elites much easier! Unity with crit damage (or something similar) is very expensive in comparison and don't offer resist + damage reduction vs elites. Another option is a rapid fire stone of jordan
- Get a natalya's reflection w/ crit chance + at least one useful random prop (average damage/socket is good too)
- Craft amulets/gloves and hope for high crit chance/crit damage ^.^
- If the above failed, Get 200+ dex/9cc+/45+cd gloves or something similar. You may get luck w/ vit, armor, all resist.
- Get an amulet with 150+ dex/8.5+ cc/75+ cd/extra_useful_stuff
- Bracers craft after gloves/amulets are decent ^.^ Your pretty much missing either a high dex or vit roll on ur bracers

<(^^<) Try if possible to get some vit rolls on witching hour, nat reflect as these aren't craftable so will stay with you for a while! 8 ias rolls on inna's temp, witching hour, nat's reflect are fine!

08/15/2013 06:42 AMPosted by SwSw
I actually want to farm with my DH.

then just go BL on MP1. No need for snapshotting RF.

But I don't wanna play mp1 :'(

I followed ur advice. how do I look now? anything else I should do?

im sitting on 3700 def. 400ar. 70k hp. but dps doesn't seems fantastic. :d
My god that hp is overkill lol.

The main is your dex and crit damage. Bracers keep crafting!!
Amulet should have much higher crit damage!

As well keep in mind that ur crit chance to RF is 13%!
should I change 1 of the inna's to AR instead?

cos I actually have a crafted bracers that gives me 10k more dps. but... it takes away the AR. :(
Ur AR/armor is fine its just dex/crit damage thats a bit low atm

At ur hp, losing AR might be okay tbh
Thank you Nyan,


I will look for a quiver with 15 ias. I foolishly picked up the 13 ias factoring in the enchantress buff.

I will look for a nat's reflection. What stats should I focus on? CHD and CHC?

I will keep looking for a upgrade at the Manticore, but have not seen anything in my price range for a long time.

You are generous with your time and advice,
Thank you Nyan,


I will look for a quiver with 15 ias. I foolishly picked up the 13 ias factoring in the enchantress buff.

I will look for a nat's reflection. What stats should I focus on? CHD and CHC?

I will keep looking for a upgrade at the Manticore, but have not seen anything in my price range for a long time.

You are generous with your time and advice,

Tbh stick with ur hellfire for now. :P

thanks for the advice Nyan, I'll try to follow it. About the gems though, I didn't spend a penny on them. they were a gift haha

EDIT: I forgot your hug! <(^^<)
Ill make an update for tips on purchasing items on AH in the first post
Crap I think I overdid it....
Hi Nyan!
I have a 2m budget (yeah but I have a lot of crap on my stash and other toons so I may be able to improve it, I hate saving money :))and would like to improve my rapid fire DH.

A great hug for you Here is your hug! (>^^)> ummmfffffffffffff

Here is the link to my DH.


I would like to keep using Bombardment :)

A bit of an off-topic I am trying to make a dual-wield dh with CoT, if you can send me into the right direction I would appreciate that a lot link to my other DH below :)


vit vit vit vit vit vit

Get nat's embrace with 180+ vit and max discipline? Get vile wards with vit. Your are kinda too poor to do a lot tbh but heres a direction :

Stop focusing on attack speed so much and focus more on eHP/damage/crit damage.

Tbh you could drop ur ias to 43 (2.51 aps breakpoint) to do that so you have 1 less prop to worry about.

This may include :
- Getting rid of ur bracers
- Getting rid of one of ur rings
- Getting rid of witching hour for inna's favor

Ur CoT DH I recommend blackthorns for loh. And you need again more vit lol. DW is harder to be tanky due to lose in vit from quiver.

DW you need a lot crit damage/min max damage! May also consider a demon hunter cold stone of jordan since CoT procs it :O

Confused on ur gearing. If ur really broke, you shouldn't spend that much on gems as the quality of gear surpass the quality of gem
I recommend high attack speed if you have money to support the rest of your stats
@Nyan: (>^.^)>

This weekend ima work on my DH !!! Maybe help me out a bit, im rusted have not used her in a while :)

Do you think i can make a viable build while keeping my legacy nats ?

Gonna be online at 4:00 pm EST........

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