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Demon Hunter
Right now I'm running Cameo's Bola/BL build in MP6, it's not terribly difficult, but it's not terribly easy, not that I'm looking for it to be a cake walk or anything but I feel like I could make some good improvements with minor adjustments to gear. That said, any input at all is appreciated, and I won't be offended by your critique, (keep it decently tame, but critique is critique nonetheless). Thank you for your time and consideration.
Here's your bone. ()======()

I don't really know how a bone will help you...

PS: so.. we had hugs.. fishes.. and now bones..

1st. Get an 2OS Manticore INTELLIGENCE. with higher DPS and put a Ruby and an Emerald on it IF it has +xx WEAPON DAMAGE. If not, it might be better to stick with 2 Emeralds.

2nd you said you're using Bola/BL.. but if what you have in your gears are what you are using, change the DML or the skill itself that you are using to HA instead?

3rd do some crafting on Gloves, Ammy, Shoulders and Bracers :)
I agree with Chrizzle... What's your budget? It looks like current pieces are 50-100 mil?
This is my build with manticore!YbT!Zacb.Z

works up to mp5 (have never run at 6 so can't give you a number). Elite kills are under 12 seconds and my unbuff dps is 210k. If I get shsh up elites are died before my rain stops falling which is well under 6 seconds. I have tried at mp8 but the kill time takes too long so I end up losing out on hatred with 2.01 aps. Don't waste hatred on EA, count how many you need to kill a pack and move on, It takes me about 4-5 if they don't crit, if they do it is 1-2. I'm soft so I don't sit and tank, I will be running with Ball Lightning and stepping if they get too close. But I do walk-in with BL so I can move on quickly on whites.

here is an alternative version!YbT!Zaac.Z

I do swap out my innas', gloves, and bracer all for pickup yard when I run this build. I have 25 yard, will work with 12-14 as well.

Without getting new gear I would drop down to MP4 with your current dps.

cc is a bit low, get a ruby in that weapon to cover up for that lost, and upgrade your gems to stars on armor and pstar or radiant on weapon.

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