Any players joining the design contest?

Community Creations

here is the link of the T-shirt design contest I hope a D3 player wins
Looks pretty awesome. One of those times I wish I had some legit artistic skill. Guess I'll have to do the "Be a Creative Director" bonus quest to try and win something!

Good luck to all the artists, I'll enjoy seeing what you come up with!
there are awesome artists here in the D3 community I hope you guys join. I myself will try to submit an entry :)
Yes sir I am joining! I have been a member of DesignByHumans for years and have been posting designs for a lonnggg time. Hopefully this is my calling!
My WIP...
nice sketch chewbacsmith! goodluck.
Going into photoshop now... done sketching
The best of luck to everyone who's entering the T-Shirt Design Contest Hosted by Design By Humans! You're off to a great start!
I keep trying but they keep rejecting \0/

thats mine, dunno whats wrong with it
Now that the contest is complete I have to say I'm impressed by what some of you came up with. Pretty incredible artwork all around and the t-shirts and phone cases look awesome. Great job to everyone who submitted to the contest, I'm envious of your skills! I'll link the final winners in their D3 Store if you'd like to check em out.
Contest is complete, not one monk artwork....*sigh*

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