Ultra Budget CM/WW Guide [WEEKLY GIVE AWAYS]

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Ultra Budget (1.5m) CM/WW Guide

The date for my first give away (2.31APS Slorak set) is this coming Tuesday when the maintenance hits. If you have no posted in this thread by then, I will not consider you in the give away. Please check the Weekly Give Away section of the guide for more details.

1. Intro
2. Understanding the Build.
3. Gearing
4. Skills
5. Weekly Give Away

1. Intro
Recently helped a few poor Inferno entry wizards gear for CM/WW so I thought it'd be easier to make a guide. Since a lot of my work has already been done, I'll copy and paste what I've already done with a bit more information.

There are plenty of these guides out there for whatever builds but a lot of them don't look at gearing for the poor. It makes sense since a lot of damage builds like Archon just don't work well with ultra budget gear. I'm not talking about "100m budget" or even "10m budget" builds here... I'm talking about the people who don't play enough who barely make any gold even coming close to 5m.

Fortunately, a CM/WW wizard is probably the best bang for your buck build (not just for wizards, but for every class) that offers safeness (inherent in the nature of the permafreeze) whilst offering MP4~6 entry level DPS.

This is more of a gearing guide so for more information on the CM/WW or SNS build, I strongly recommend checking out PieHole's comprehensive guide (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771). He gives strong gear suggestions when you have more of a budget to play around with as well as detailed explanations on how the build works.

2. Understanding the Build.
Understanding what the build needs is more important than mindless purchasing random items on AH that boosts your DPS. For this build, there are two main offensive stats (Increased Attack Speed [IAS] and Critical Hit Chance [CC]) you are looking to achieve. After you reach them, put everything else into defensive and mitigation gear.

There are two budget options recommended for the IAS/CC balance and it comes down to how much you can raise your overall attack speed (APS, found by hitting "I" to get your inventory, then clicking on the "Details" button).

2.51 APS v 2.73 APS

The higher the APS, the lower the CC you'll need. When taking into account the cost of IAS and CC, IAS is a lot cheaper so gearing more towards the 2.73 APS breakpoint will save you a bit of gold.

3. Gearing
If you are willing to wait for auctions on bid, you can probably find much better deals, especially around low to mid level gear than relying on cheap buyout prices. A lot of my gear was won on bids rather than buyouts. However, if you are impatient, just set the max buyout parameter in AH to 100,000g and search for the following:

Chantodo's Will (wand): There is no other choice. You can get 1k DPS easily, but to maximize damage, find a slightly lesser one with an open socket. The other option is to spend a little more and get one with IAS on it to save the IAS on another piece (eg. Lacuni). Always has Arcane Power on Crit (APoC)
Chantodo's Force (source): Just look for the highest damage with 9IAS. Checking now, at 100k I only found one source with mega low damage... at 120k, the damage doubled so it's worth spending a tiny bit more here. If possible, look for Vit. Always has at least 8IAS.
Stormcrow (helm): Again, there is no other choice here. Needed for APoC and Life on Hit (LoH) Adding CC into the search, I found a few 3.5CC ones for 30k. Choose the ones with the highest LoH, +Lightning Damage (8% is max), Damage against elites (4% is max) and Int/Vit rolls. Always has APoC and LoH.
Rare Shoulders: Look for the highest Vit/Int/Shoulders/Armor. Just found a 88Vit/72Int/70AR/155Armor with strength (extra armor) for 22k. You can look for Vile Wards, but they start around 150k+
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit (chest): For 100k, there isn't much around. Just look for the one with the best defensive stats in Vit or Armor. Always has at least 8IAS, Int, Vit and 3 open sockets.
Rare Gloves: First thing to look for is IAS (9) and CC (7). Then Int, Vit, AR, Armor, Critical Hit Damage (CD) in that order. These are cheap so it won't be difficult.
Witching Hour (belt): At 100k, I'm only looking at one on AH. At 200k, there are a few more, but all offer the same stats so look for 9IAS first, then best DPS. Always has 8IAS, Int and CD.
Lacuni Prolwers (bracer): Look for CC then AR, Armor or Vit. CC is cheap but you have options here since these bracers are cheap. Highest CC with any of the above and you should be good to go. Always has at least 8IAS and Movement Speed.
If you are going with an IAS Chantodo's wand, look for nice Rare Bracer with at least 4CC, AR, Armor, Vit and Int. Str is also a good roll for more Armor (thanks to PieHole for the suggestion!).
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail (pants): Another defensive piece that comes with LoH. At 100k, just look for the best Vit, LoH and Life% rolls. You might even be able to find one with armor if you're lucky.
Natalya's Bloody Footprints (boots): Currently the cheapest pair on AH is 120k. These are actually Demon Hunter boots but they offer great AR, Armor and MS at really cheap prices. The cheapest ones usually have an Int roll on them (which is pretty much a throw away stat) so everything works towards your favour here. These are really only good because you pair it up with...
Natalya's Reflection (ring): ... which comes with a two set bonus of 7CC. This will more than likely be the most expensive piece you will purchase. Right now, the cheapest one is 250k. It always comes with IAS so make sure you get one with at least 8IAS. Int rolls are among the cheapest so look for them.
Rare Ring: 9IAS and 4CC. Int/Vit/Armor/AR/LoH are extras that you can find at 100k. You can go for more CC as well.
Rare Amulet: 9IAS and 7CC. Pretty much the same as the rare ring except you can get bigger values.

4. Skills
I'm running a 1.64 APS wand and need two pieces (or was it one?) to be 9IAS and everything else at 8IAS to reach 2.73 APS. At the lowest gear suggestions above, you should get 35CC. With the default 5CC, that's 40CC. That easily covers the offensive stats required for the build.

Defensively, you have at least 130 AR + (Int/10), not much armor or Vit. This is where your LoH will really come in handy. And since these stats are lacking, this is what I recommend for your build:

Energy Twister: Wicked Wind (best for proc coefficiencies with CM - read PieHole's guide for more info)
Teleport: Fracture (mobility + survability with clones)
Frost Nova: Cold Snap (lowered AP cost)
Diamond Skin: Crystral Shell (free 21k life)
Explosive Blast: Chain Reaction (damage)
Energy Armor: Prismatic Armor (increased defense)

Blur (more defense)
Critical Mass (permafreeze)
Cold Blooded (damage)

It is a lot more defensive skill setup to make up for your lack of mitigation.

If you need any help discussing how the build works and what you need, add me (MrDuMa#1541). I am willing to help purchase some gear for others if they exceed their budgets... or if it's just a really good deal :p

5. Weekly Give Away
I will be give a full set out every couple of weeks or so to a random person who wants it. The set will always be within the 1.5m budget and will be tested (possibly captured and YouTubed as well) before I give it out. Here are the (tentative) rules:

- Must not have any characters over paragon 30. You will most likely have the funds to purchase the items required anyway.
- Must have a wizard at least level 55.
- If you don't pick up the set in a week (next maintenance), I'll give it away to someone else.
- Umm...
- All decisions are final. If you don't win, you can enter the next give away set anyway.

If anyone can think of any other appropriate rules or think any of these are unreasonable, please let me know... I'm not sure about these at the moment.

Give away #01: First give away set inspired by Amos.
- Cost: 1.24m.
- P28 stats and gear: http://d3up.com/b/1013320
- Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud7ihpn09qA
Winner: FatalCrest

Give away #02: My second give away set
- Cost: 788k
- P0 stats and gear: http://d3up.com/b/1074424
Winner: Deleuzian


New give away sets from 19/09/2013.

Give away #02: GoSuPanda give away set
- Cost: < 1m
- 2.75APS, 49.5CC, 856LoH, 4k armor, 411AR, 61k DPS, 146k EHP.
- SNS build.
- P0 stats and gear: http://d3up.com/b/1066253/budget-2-73-aps-cm-wiz

Give away #03: Amos give away set
- Cost: 2.6m
- 2.31APS, 52CC, 3.7k armor, 547AR, 80k DPS (buffed), 226k EHP.
- CM/WW/Meteor build
- P0 stats and gear: http://d3up.com/b/1036177/budget

Closing date for entries to be announced.
Which mp can you farm with 1.5m budget?
MP4~6 depending on how good your mitigation is.

The DPS won't be awesome.

Actually, just an edit.. you can find OS Chantodo's wands (sub 1k DPS) for about 100k. There are a couple on there right now 920k DPS at 1.65 APS that'll be better than a 1k DPS without any CD.
so in your opinion, what type of people should play with 1.5m budget cm wiz?
On the other hand w/ a dps carry, you could farm mp10. I do flag parties w/ < 100k dps wizards but they got 1m+ eHP and 3.0+ aps

For wands, might be even cheaper to look for crit damage instead of OS due to the price of gems

08/09/2013 06:06 AMPosted by yodatoy
so in your opinion, what type of people should play with 1.5m budget cm wiz?

People that just fresh came out to inferno w/o power leveling usually collected about 1.5m cash by then
Generally people who are completely new to wizards and/or who don't farm enough to have much gold.

It's just an entry to the build and Inferno since Hell is such a huge step down. Once you get a feel for the build, referring to PieHole's guide to improve is probably what they wanna do.

I haven't met many people here on the forums with less than 5m gold, but I bump into heaps of them in public games. A few use this build but have horridly slow attack speeds and stack CD instead of CC.
I checked CD prices on Chantodo's wand and for 100k, the best I found was 45CD. Even at 200k, the best was 67CD, but that was for an 87x k DPS wand. OS seems a lot more plentiful, therefore cheaper.

Nice writeup MrDuMa.

It takes all kinds to play this game. When I do giveaways (and not even that great of giveaways!) people are always impressed with the generosity. And, to me, its just stuff that's too good to vendor, but I don't want to list on AH for only 5M or less. So, yeah, there are alot of people running very, very low budgets, almost self-found even, but are probably put off by the gg'ness of the forums to ask for help. So, we don't see them much.

But, yeah, I do have a few sugestions for you though. Aimless's voice is ringing in my mind (damn him)...."Lacunis are the destroyer of budget builds". Yes Aimless, I hear you. Basically, he hated (as do I) Lacunis for budget builds because other than a little CC and maybe AR....you're hosed. On the other hand, rare bracers with high CC, high AR, and int/vit are alot easier to come by. Of course, you'll have to go with an IAS wand, which ought to be cheaper than an OS one anyway. Yeah, you'll sacrifice some DPS but get more bang for the buck from the mitigation standpoint.

Also, I think that I'd still use evocation instead of blur....maybe even more so in this case. Since your CC is low you are not going to be proc'cing CM as much, your freeze will be somewhat poor. Bad freeze = lower effective mitigation. If you use evocation, that 10% reduction in cooldowns will reset DS and FN more rapidly.

Then again, I've never played a 1.5M CM build...but all of the mechanics should work the same as for a GG set. Give it a try....let me know what you think.

Just read this thread and thought, challenge accepted, threw a set together in 10 minutes for 1.4m, handles mp6 pretty well, stood up to an electrified, RD pack okay.
08/09/2013 06:37 AMPosted by Armistice
Just read this thread and thought, challenge accepted, threw a set together in 10 minutes for 1.4m, handles mp6 pretty well, stood up to an electrified, RD pack okay.

Its been awhile, but I did a full 15M set giveaway a few months back. I think i proclaimed it MP6 efficient...from both the mitigation and DPS side.

The cost gets exponential from there, lol.
Thanks for the feedback, PieHole!

I thought about a IAS Chantodo as well but they start from 200k. If you can handle that (which most can), than this is probably a better way to go.

Just checked the prices for rare bracer as well and they are really good. Aiming for 5CC+ is probably a little out of the price range, but at 4~4.5CC, there are a few on AH with 70+ AR, Armor, 70~Vit and Str. I'm sure you'll be able to find the same with Int as well. That smashes Lacuni out of the water for mitigation. I'd find it hard to believe that someone who can afford a Nat's Reflection wouldn't be able to afford an IAS Chanto so this actually adds heaps of mitigation whilst keeping to that 2.73 breakpoint.

It should still fall into the 1.5m budget though.

I'll add that to the opening post as well. Thanks!
I've always come from an IAS background, lol. I just finally switched to OS this week! And a sad day it was.

I pretty much always advocate an IAS Will up to about 175k. Maybe even 200k. Then you need to think about and OS one. Heck, I ran it up to 225k...and with a DPS rare ring (instead of Litany) it can go to 250k pretty easily. Damn, Yodatoy had it up to almost 300k running at 3.01AS!!

But, for lower budgets I just think that you can just get too much out of rare bracers to leave them on the table. You don't have to overspend on other pieces to stack mitigation since you can get so much with rare bracers. So, I think the big spend on an IAS wand is worth it. They might be getting harder to find nowadays if people aren't picking them up and ID'ing them as much (I still do...sold one for 20M last month!).

Also, perhaps most important...don't rely on Buyouts. You can get sick deals (even at the 1B set level) if you're patient and do buyouts...so, please, make that a big point if you can. Heck, I'm still selling stuff for profit that I had laying around after the 5 kingdom chellenge when I geared the wiz. Sold some on AH...gave some away. Its just too easy to play bids and get stuff cheap. Throw out 20 bid's overnight...maybe you get 2 or 3 that you win. You'll do well that way.
I actually got into the game really late and only hit Inferno roughly when the big IAS nerf hit in 1.03 so I always tried to keep it up.. sadly, I had little to no budget to work with so couldn't really test all that much.

Hell, my current wand is a 99CD... not even OS :( I'll look into IAS for better mit since I don't even reach 88%. I haven't even looked into a Litany... still somewhat new to the forums since I've had a lot of time off from the game.

I'm still looking for a lot of upgrades myself.. getting to 300k with Chanto's... I get excited with the tiniest upgrades but it's no where near 300k :s

Hmm... now that I think about it (and after a bit of searching on AH), I think IAS/mit bracer is manageable with 100k a piece... just gotta wait for the deals to come around. If you wait long enough (even a day or two), they do come around. You do lose a bit of DPS but EHP is more important to progressing.

I'll add a bit in the opening post to look for the good deals on bid, not just buyouts. This is just a quick guide so it caters for instant action... ie. players with zero patience.
Thanks for the guide. It helped me try out CM/WW for a price I can afford.
Nice guide!

Reminds me of another person with a similar guide about 1m or less builds hmmm

I did similar a while ago, but with a 3 mil budget. Was able to tank MP10 elites with just under 70k DPS. I guess I really should load that video now.
08/09/2013 03:44 PMPosted by Enremeit
I did similar a while ago, but with a 3 mil budget. Was able to tank MP10 elites with just under 70k DPS. I guess I really should load that video now.

How much EHP did you have for that?
Nice guide. Been playing around a bit with an archon type build while trying to get some wizard achievements done (1000 frozen kills )

This is actually a budget I can afford to try. Might be something I do tomorrow and if so will post my results and costs.

A few pieces I have I may be able to steal from my current build or may just try from scratch. I have a lollipop and gumdrop sidearm already and I think it has a socket too so might just use that and price out its value to get my grand total.

I've heard its hard to play cm on your hands. How bad is it really?
08/09/2013 05:36 AMPosted by MrDuMa
At the lowest gear suggestions above, you should get 35CC. With the default 5CC, that's 40CC. That easily covers the offensive stats required for the build.

I'm counting more like 44-45% with CC on bracers, which is a lot better, imo. 40CC will work for multiple targets but if you want the build to be able to sustain against single targets you need something like 42.5% CC min with 2.73 APS and 20 APoC. Really the higher CC you get the better since it also increases your freeze strength in addition to your effective dps.

Also, I like Safe Passage over Fracture on teleport now, or even wormhole if you're running with high geared players.

Bone Chill is probably better for group play and Deep Freeze should be better for solo play, which also helps with a lower CC gear set. As long as you stick to high density areas DF acts as bone chill and cold snap all rolled into one because the extra crit gives you extra dps and the higher crit greatly improves your CM procs, thus helping the CD on FN and other skills.

My suggestion for a super budget build is to use IAS weapon if you want to aim for 2.73, and then you can focus a bit more on CC. Since your dps is going to be low anyway the IAS weapon just makes it easier to reach the 2.73 breakpoint which in turn makes it cheaper to stack extra crit. If you want to aim for more dps then you can just stuck with 2.5 and go OS or CD weapon. Again, that's just my preference and how I recommend gearing.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

4-5m budget highest MP über clear challenge? lol

I think I counted with the lowest values I would use (so not actually with the searches I found).. so, head (3), amulet (7), gloves (7), bracer (3), ring (4), Nat bonus (7) and Chanto Force (8).. which comes up to 38.. either I didn't count the head or bracer or I fail at simple addition :(

I still stick by Fracture as the go to rune for budget builds. Having two tanks to take two full hits is better than having those two (or even one hit) at 30% damage reduction. Of course teleporting to a bad location won't save you from anything.

Good points about FN runes for group play. I really only considered this for solo play. Having players who know how to bring mobs to you would be good, but sometimes, Deep Freeze is wasted.

If an IAS Chant is doable within budget, it'll definitely be the best option for mitigation. The DPS loss from the OS Chant/Lacuni could be quite severe since you don't have many sources of CD. With permafreeze, a resettable Crystal Shell is quite broken at lower levels.

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