Demon Hunters, PC on this dead mans

Demon Hunter
177 dex
185 vit
attack speed increased by 20%
+9% life
Hatred regen 1.18 per second
Crit hit chance increased by 9.5%
Increases critical hit chance of rapid fire by 6%
couple million, if you're lucky.
10 mill at most...
Well with the extra 9% life, it's hard for me to say for certain. Never found one like that. But the only decent stat on that DML is the max attack speed & Rapid Fire bonus (the other stats are a bit on the low side.) Fortunately, Rapid Fire is a popular skill right now because of the Bombardment rune, which seems to be a must to run MP10 with a demon hunter, based on what I've seen & heard. (Sometimes I think I'm the only demon hunter that DOESN'T run Bombardment... but then again I'm nowhere close to being able to run MP10 either.) When these roll less than 200dex tho, most people want a socket on it.

4.5 million tops I'm thinking.

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