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Demon Hunter
I have a couple of alts, but I am not really interested in going through all that again.
PvP is laughable and quite lame. Most of my friends got bored and pealed out.
Besides experimenting with unorthodox builds//gear, crafting is pretty much the only slight enjoyment I get from the game now. I guess there's always quitting until a relevant patch or expansion.

With all that being said, I have a sincere question to my p100 peers:

What did//do you do next once you made it?
Have you tried HC or playing without Shadow Power? What about a Windforce build?
I started off using smoke screen over shadow power, but now I couldn't picture playing softcore without the shadow glide rune. As for WF I tried it out with ball lightning; it was surprisingly fun, but I am too much of a 2h xbow enthusiast. HC is always an option I suppose. Thanks for your input :]
Play other classes.
There's always that. Just wish they were more appealing though. Really hope the expansion doesn't suck as far as new class options go.
I just have fun playing with friends or testing out new builds. Right now I'm crafting a lot, not because I'm bored, but because I have my sights dialed in on 400 K DPS. Once I get there, I continue on as usual, playing D3 like I played D2.

Oh, pretty soon I'm going to take a Wiz and WD through HC for the class achieve.

Come to think of it, there are still some achieves I have yet to do (I like achieves). The thing is, there are a lot of things I'd like to do when I sit down to play, but something else always comes up (e.g. Uber invite, pals in game etc).

Believe it or not, I almost have too much to do in this game.
08/12/2013 03:44 PMPosted by LifeGodChaos
There's always that. Just wish they were more appealing though. Really hope the expansion doesn't suck as far as new class options go.
Have you tried? DH was my first main, but other classes are a ton of fun once you start.
Tried Wiz but meh. Barb did not even intrigue me when I played D2. WD is a big maybe. Probably going to go monk since it wouldn't be hard to gear up at this point.
The surplus of gear, cookie cutter builds for each class, and decent goals should keep u playing a bit more. I was on a slump just like u a couple of months ago. Bought myself cod, and tried other mmos. A few weeks later i was back on d3 coz i prefer solo action rpgs. I guess this game just fit my lifestyle now(married w/ kids lol!).

So i made it a goal to solo ubers mp10 on every class and made video/guides for each of them. Thats when the game started to become fun again. I guess the challenge of going thru the learning curve and beating mp10 solo with each class gave me a geniune experience. When i finally got back to playing my DH, it became so refreshing. I guess it was nostalgia lol or it just required more effort to succed on a dh at mp10 compared to every other class.

Having geared and leveled every other classe to complete mp10 ubers solo gave me more options whenever things would get stale.

I figure, i'd share my experience with ya. Coz i went thru the same thing. U may find a different route for fun. So i wish u luck and hope u find what ur looking for soon bud!


<3 L4N

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