Darn Act IV Plans

Grats on getting the plans. I didn't have them todayand started helping a person I met here farm them on mp2. On our second run I got a drop, and we did at least 5 more runs then I got a double drop plans and a key of terror. While he didn't get anything before I started helping or until we stopped.

RNG can be a harsh mistress at times :(
if you still don't have the plans, add me and I'll help you get them on mp10
Them were good runs last night, DudeNukem. Got a Paragon level out of it, and a ton of Demonic Essence. After last night night, I am at about 20 runs farming the plans. RNG is RNG.
08/16/2013 07:34 AMPosted by justjoddat
if you still don't have the plans, add me and I'll help you get them on mp10

i think your lost.
EmmettOtter took me through act IV MP5 and I got the plans!!!!

Big shout out to EmmittOtter!!!!!!

VERY nasty rare pack, those angel suckers, they come with shielding of course, and the charge, plus they had Frost, Arcane, Desecrator, and extra health.

I had to port in and out twice, my health got down to 30%, freaking WOTB was down... Of course.

Thankfully plans dropped plus an act I key. Now to start farming act III keys!

That was a tough fight. Popped Serenity twice and a bunch of potions. I got real nervous when I saw Zork's health dropping like a rock but the Zork played it smart and we both kept maneuvering and hitting. Looking back on that fight, if I had been going solo, I would have bailed.

Grats and good job.
Im in need of act3 keys as well and will prolly farm a bunch tonight fi you want to join. \
Also did you guys do it with a CM wiz or no? If not then my god you guys are nuts lol
il give you a free mp 10 run just add me in game Dimok#1421
To do 30 runs at MP3 and not get a plan is a less than 1 in 40,000 probability. Either you are spectacularly unlucky or you aren't stacking 5NV before the warden every time.

Act IV is scary enough in SC! :-) Farming it in HC? I gotta wonder if a HF is worth the risk. I have rolled about 40 SC rings and whilst they are great for levelling new characters, none of them were particularly special once you get to lvl 60.

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