dh camera should zoom out more?

Demon Hunter
In pvm I didn't really notice how bad the range is, I knew it was bad but not exactly how bad.

But in pvp it is quite silly how the ranged attacker isn't ranged at all.

Shooting in the direction of the other dh has no effect unless he steps into the screen right where you are shooting. Then it is instant death, you cant possibly miss from that range.

Made me think....

When you enrage the lord of lies the camera zooms out a bit.

First it looks like this


Then it looks like this


If we had that much line of sight and range with the dh it would be a ton more fun to play the dh?
I've always believed that DHs should really get an extended range and our POV should be something like that extra wide view we get during the Belial fight. Though that might make it more taxing on people with lesser systems.

Ok, I typed all that without reading the bottom half of your post. We're saying the same thing.
yah would be cool but you can snipe offscreen so wheres the problem?
'This one goes up to eleven.'

If we can see further, we can snipe even further offscreen!
well yes but you just see the projectile flying more far, the range of your attack stays the same.

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