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Demon Hunter
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30 Disc Tank DH here (no SP, no NS)

If you want to be efficient, you need to do Nyan's thing. :)

If you want to have fun, any build you like is OK.

I play with 30 disc and without SP/NS because I don't like to permagloom. For High MP, I prefer tank with LoH/LS, use CoT and M4D/Mortal Enemy for Hatred Regen, and then, spam EB.

My DPS is low (225K), but after 12 sec (3 CoT), it's the EB fest.

I really like this build.

Have lots of disc is good, but you don't really neet it.

You only need to have fun!
I don't die much, but against certain affixes or against KW act2 I just get owned in MP10...

Even on MP6 the act2KW can completely own me, yet any other kw on mp10 is not too much of an issue.

I was just wondering what is the average eHP for areas at my damage?

thats course you are killing yourself ^^ he knockback arrows if you are playing DH
most entertaining for that past months...

08/16/2013 03:13 AMPosted by vaansteer
This is why, I hardly see DH use SOJ.

A lot of people dont use an SOJ because they like their HUGE DPS, diabloprogres, or some say well its an extra area for EHP. I keep mine on at all times.

9-10 discipline is huge IMO. And people need to stop looking at people profiles....we all know we have different gear in our packs.
08/15/2013 10:35 AMPosted by Xenophis
and you're an invalid voice due to your limited knowledge.

Good laugh. Needed that today.
30 disc + Focused mind is all I need ;)
Can I just say, Thank you for all responding to my question, this was totally the answer I was looking for -__-

But also, in response to Kirus and SwSw, I prefer to have 600 all res, and 50k health. I dont need to drop 200 vitality to gain all res and 10 disc, I run perfectly easy without 40 discipline, and I will continue to run without 40 discipline.

Glass cannon builds need discipline more than I do, and Xenophis is the same as me, we both prefer to do facetanking.
I do see where you come from, I was once a glass cannon but that didnt get me much further than MP8 because I already spent most of my gold on facetank gear.

I am also sick of your stupid argument that somehow I "need" to change builds, who the hell are you to say that?? I can do what I like, I paid $60 for this game, and I can play it how I want to play it...

I dont use bitter pill, i dont use grenades, I dont use shuriken cloud, and I also dont use rapid fire when tanking large mobs. I use rapid fire only for elites because it has single target take down power.

And again, I expect that nobody is going to say I am using the "wrong" build because quite frankly I got only one !@#$ing answer to my actual question.
Had to change my comment after reading the rest of the thread (kirus summary wasn't the greatest, lol). Not getting involved in this one :P
Had to change my comment after reading the rest of the thread (kirus summary wasn't the greatest, lol). Not getting involved in this one :P

If I were you I wouldnt have wasted my time reading it, so damn long and hardly answers my question ahah :D however I do agree with your original comment
If your not 13 piece gear swapping while channelling rapid fire on legacy nat set, your being inefficent. I may let you get away with 12 pieces instead of 13.

I see exactly where you and others are getting at, but I don't agree with how you guys are going about it. If a person says they don't "need" more than 30 disc to run their build on whatever MP, then why would you tell someone that they "need" something they may not have a use for? Unless the person says no one else needs more than 30 disc, then that's a whole different story, but from reading this summary, this wasn't the case. Even NS is not a necessity for some.

I don't agree with every either.
SwSw gets over heated pretty quickly and then the anti +10dis group is refusing to take in opinion. The thing is if a player is not running "perma shadow power" there is not need for any extra discipline as all the other skills are using for single activation. imo SP is the same, but when it is on all the time it is not. I believe most of us *older players cleared inferno with only 30 disc and without prep or NS.

From my experience if you want healing pickup yard + globes is all you need. All other healing method other than life regeneration is there as a backup. Reflect damage is the thing that gets most player killed in the early days when it is on all the time, and players do not have access to easy trade to gain life regain on attacks. 30 discipline gets you through a 10 second fight with SP if you have it on before engaging. 30 + NS gets you through the fight as long as you want.

I joined this argument when I saw that NS is better than all the other option we have when you try and put +10 dis into your character. It seems 30+NS >> 40+1ActiveSkill.

It was more or less
No one else needs more than the base discipline to play any build. Players that chose to pick up a cloak with +10 is limiting their position because these player can only play CG.

I'm not here to convince any one anymore, but I play no SP, no prep, no NS, no L4N when you give me a +2~3 LS weapon. SP what is that never had in on my bar until blizz "kindly" nerfed smoke when I was using it for offense more than defense.

... LOL

should I delete this?
08/18/2013 12:45 PMPosted by DiEoxidE
Had to change my comment after reading the rest of the thread (kirus summary wasn't the greatest, lol). Not getting involved in this one :P

Yea I know it was only 2 lines

SwSw: 30 dis is "horrible"
Xenophis: that is "nonsense"...
08/18/2013 02:04 PMPosted by KirusAlufras
SwSw gets over heated pretty quickly and then the anti +10dis group is refusing to take in opinion.

Heated? Damn. I was trying to troll those anti +10 dudes.

Anyway, +10 is awesome. I'm thinking of like 60 disc pool max and 50 min.
08/15/2013 10:15 AMPosted by Crazy
I would rather have a pair with either Dex/Vit or 150+ Vit as the random affix.

I have been thinking of doing that, but as I said, I dont think I need the vitality right now :)

I re-read what you were asking in the OP, Just thought I could offer the following:

Currently you are at (according to d3up.com + looking at your profile, i'm not so really fussed about what skills you want to use): 250k EHP (unbuffed) and 317k DPS (unbuffed).

The way I would want to go (if I was where you are currently at, not that it isn't ok what you have mind you), would be to upgrade my EHP whilst maintaining that amount of DPS (not dipping below 300k unbuffed DPS) in order to drop the perfectionist passive for something else.

I know you have said you don't think you need more Vit, but methinks this is why you EHP is so low (along with Armor rating) on d3up.com as you are rocking 570AR, but only 3700 armor and 800 Vit. By upping Vit it would allow for swapping out the Vit gem for another Dex one in the Inna chest too.

You could achieve more Vit on your:

- DML (100+)
- Nat boots (50+)
- TWH (50+)
- Mempo (50+)
- Shoulders (I have seen 100+ on crafts with similar stats to what you have equipped)
- Bracers (anywhere from 50-150 I have seen on crafts with similat stats)

Please note that with the above, some of the figures are a little more conservative then what is certainly possible (except maybe for crafts), but alas crafting can take forever sometimes for that GG roll (didn't bother listing Amulet or Gloves, methinks very hard to roll Vit or say even more Armor/AR with equivalent stats you currently enjoy).

So if DPS is not a problem, you could achieve another 400-550! At least it gives you something to aim for anyways. I reckon that would make battles smoother sailing for sure if you ever get caught short :-)

Disregard if you really want more DPS (methinks a better Nat ring with more Average Damage + CHD and a 6 CC mempo would help with this)

Thanks for the help silver, glad this thread actually helped me a bit ahah

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