help my demon hunter

Demon Hunter
just started playing again. haven't played since the 3rd week Diablo 3 was released. Anyone can help steer me in the right direction of where to go with my DH? I need to learn up on terminology like EHP or all these new acronyms.
Take off sharpshooter passive, sell the two gems in your pants, use that to buy new gear and balance out your gems, you will get more dex in the long run by doing this.

EHP / effective health points <-- amount you can get hit for etc (boosts through armor, res and health)
EDPS/ Effective damage per second <-- Amount you hit for (dex, AS, ChC, ChD)
ChC / Critical hit chance (%) <-- Amount of times per cent that you will critical hit
AS / Attack speed (decimal) <-- Amount of hits you deal per second
ChD / Critical hit damage (%) <-- The percentage of additional damage you deal when you critical hit

Aim for around 900+ Vit or 50k+ health, 40k should be fine considering paragon levels etc.

Aim for the highest dex possible while keeping your armor around 4000 and your all res above 500,
Try to get more than 50% chc, and crit damage as high as possible (300%+)
I recommend changing your skills around to a build that compliments your current choice in weapon (Windforce).

Try this -!eXY!aZbaYa

Entangling Shot - Shock Collar has the single best Knockback rate in our arsenal, and will help you keep enemies away from you.

Ball of Lightning works very well with the Windforce because it will keep ticking damage on monsters as it Knocks them back.

Spitfire Turret is a "set and forget" damage dealer, and it works very well with the Archery passive (bow users receive a flat 15% damage buff that also applies to turrets)

Rapid Fire is just too strong to not have in your arsenal. Feel free to choose whatever Rune you want, but Withering is the best for managing Hatred.

The remaining Active skills keep are standard for keeping you alive (Vault and Gloom).

Regarding Passives, Archery is a no-brainer, Nightstalker will keep your Discipline replenished, and Steady Aim will give you a massive dps boost (the Knockback will keep most monsters outside of your 10 yard radius).

For gear, there are many, many places that you can upgrade for dirt cheap... but I don't know how much gold you have.
Night stalker with ball lightning is effective as hell too, the ticks mean multiple crits per target, I find it very effective with high AS which you can get from WF. trying to get large groups together, setting them up in long lines and then shooting lightning down them all is very effective, I use the punishment rune on preperation to carry on spamming

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