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Will only loot 2.0 be included as a patch in classic Diablo 3 or Paragon 2.0 also ?
Can someon explain how this will work? If I have a paragon 80 barb, and a paragon 20 WD, what will exactly happen?
Let's take what he actually said in context

They"want" or they "should" have those features implemented pre-expansion, not "They WILL". They also make it a point to disclose that "details may change as development moves along, but we want SOME of the core gameplay improvements to be available for everyone."

I read from that the following...

They are generally voicing publicly their DESIRE to implement core positive game changes PRE expansion.

This is far from a CONFIRMATION, only their AMBITIONS moving forward. We all know how easily things can get delayed in the realm of D3.

They will MOST DEFINITELY hold some MAJOR features back to sell an expansion.

DO NOT act surprised if these mentioned features are delayed until the expansion. Classic PR talk.
No offense, but this is about the 20-th thread with that title. You could have done a search before.

According to blue: The Expansion-exclusive things will be things like the mystic, crusader and act 5. You know, content. The loot 2.0 and paragon improvements will be for everyone.

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