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Nice monk, I like it. Don't have much to suggest other than possibly to swap out serenity for another generator and pick up combination strike! I'm sure you'll love that extra 16% DPS! :D
Keep crafting, you may find better glove or ammy

Good dps monk and some really nice inna pieces. Also a very nice rare ring you got there. Try to pick up vit in places other than the wep. Although it's nice to have the extra vit in the weps, those slots should be used for dps slots. Try picking up some high dex/vit nat boots. It looks like you can stand to drop that poison res on the boots.

Very good gears craft and excellent hp. Well, RNG god stayed on your side. If you can get rid of OWE, you can walk around on D3. I think your OH sword should be upgraded with high dps with dex. On the other hands, your MH axe is nice if it has dex. Overall, is pretty good. (8.9/10)

OMG I love your shoulders!! Drools*

meh not impressed... just kidding

9/10 because I think you can get more APS to become more op
Yea i normally drop OWE nowadays. I run a CD echo but guess it wasnt equipped haha
@Chinners 9/10
great monk, craft more bracers
@Ex, your Monk is actually in pretty decent shape across the board. Personally though, I would look to add at least another 3-4K health, and another 50-100 resistance. They're not necessities, but I think you would benefit. Overall 8.5/10


so... we meet again...

jk, everything looks balanced like always, the only thing I've got to suggest is to put the echoing fury in the off hand so that it proc less fear and your main hain will have more average damage.
Nothing much to be said really, I wish u good luck in crafting and moar lighting resists to your future upgrades!

@ Spearchunker

Is that the less than 1B monk? Excellent monk nonetheless!
Interesting Rare ring though :p has rolled separate min/max rolls >.<

9.5/10 my man! high rating because of the constraints given!

Trifecta monk party!
Can't say much at all apart from "DATS AWESOME"
9.9/10. only because you can always find upgrades :p
@Weegee, wow! 300k with inna's head and ice climbers. Nicely done.

Very nice monk 9/10. Good Dps and good defense, very balanced... also I would love to put my hands on a WKL like yours.

Well considering you obviously have your P100 hardcore monk, I think I'll judge him.

There are some interesting choices you have in your monk. Mostly being the shenlong's and having the ruby in it, but not using bells. However, you have alot of resistances and the shield and considering you reached P100 you obviously have enough survivability. I applaud you for such a commitment. I don't really have anything to complain about but your fist since I feel a solid lifesteal weapon would net you more survivability and DPS.

But that is a minor gripe. So you get an 8.5/10

Awesome crafts (so jelly of the amu) and an interesting build with both WoL and TR, though it would seem to me you lack spirit regen to keep TR up (though judging by your WoL soj TR is not your main attack), and can drop only 3 bells with a flash on full spirit. This should work perfectly on lower MPs, but not so on higher ones. Then again, you might have a different loadout and skillselection for higher MPs anyway :)

You could use a wee bit more life and AR, and if you find yourself lacking in spirit, you should get a soj and inna with 2+ regen. Other than that, simply awesome, 9/10

I'm on EU myself btw.

Nice ammy you have! very good AR, but a bit low hp. I think your pants can be upgraded with 9%ias. Overall is nice (8.5/10)


Sorry, I cant rate you because you didnt post your profile link.
08/21/2013 01:16 AMPosted by peterned
I'm on EU myself btw


I think your monk has so many rooms to be improved. But you find your preference using cookie cutter build with your dual fist weapons. I think your BOA gears can be upgraded better especially your bracer. You can start on your bracer. you should find a better nat ring with cc. your nat boots dex is too low. but i like your inna chest. I think your MH weapon is nice but lack of os. I know you might lose other stat. Oh weapon dps is too low. Try to find a high dps weapon with LS and CD (option with dex). All gems should be upgraded to emerald. Finally, your ias, cc, cd is low. you should be upgraded these area too. Overall your gears are still under upgrading. Hope you can make her better in future. (7/10)
08/21/2013 01:41 AMPosted by ManUnited
Hope you can make her better in future. (7/10)

Thnx for the advice, and I hope so too :)

This particular build was for doing ubers with some friends at mp8. I usually farm mp7 with a nirvana/wol, or CS-EP build, and have some TR stuff stashed for when I feel like it, though that is about max mp4 viable atm. I'm in the process of losing OWE (hence the little arcane that is left), and have a trifecta ring that I alternate using instead of the litany depending on what we run. When my AR is up to par, I'm planning on ditching the litany.

My current gear is the best bang-for-the-buck setup I could grind together without buying gold. I like the self-found idea, but won't cripple myself by shunning the AH while knowing that droprates are based on its existence. The Inna chest is prolly the most expensive piece of gear I own, but as I found it myself I can't make myself part with it, even though it would probably allow me to buy better overall gear back for it.

Currently crafting boa stuff, but nothing good yet :)

Your monk is sick, you're done ;) All there's left to do is to get a trifecta amu, and tweak some numbers here and there. Every % of ias or cc will probably cost hundreds of mils at this point though. 9.5/10
I never come to these types of threads because all my gear is from rmah. Would be really stupid to come here. But I am an AH flipper from the GAH to RMAH since all the gear is there and have put around 3k hours. My monks are a dumping ground of my upgraded DH gear so it will be heavy rmah influence.

But some how a video making monk thinks I know nothing about monks. I beg to differ and leave it here for your rating. Hold nothing back as I am asking.

Main monk:


BMish monk who plays mostly with a ww EF holding Barb


BM monk:

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