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9/10 good monk bro

My monk sucks only got 38mil, waiting on some crafts to come through for me

I can tell you are fast, if you don't get it, you aren't racist.

No but really, nice monk! 7.8/10

Nice cookie you got there! imo you could drop serenity and try something else. Definitely test, speed palm, and tri-gen if you haven't. Those are seriously fun builds for a wkl user.

Wkl is nice but for less than 30 mil you could beat it easily!

You may have not, but I feel like you focused too much on getting good dps on the wkl, so you couldn't afford any with a good random roll. You really only need 800-820+ on a wkl damage. You've got the lightning skills down, but you should either pick up ls or good chd. I got one with similar stats and 90% chd for only 22 mil a couple months ago.

Look into getting a rare/bt/tals chest, my tals cost me 12 mil. and the aps goes great with a cookie spec. Might lose a little dps (probably no more than 1000) but it will free up the vit you are trying to get on your bracers, or boots or radiance.

Anyway nice job! You are on track bro!
@ SirNick, I like the idea of using Tal Rasha chest because I love attack speed,but seems like for me I would lose a good chunk of dps. I'm not as familiar with your build, but I like the way it looks. Exploding palm seems good in a party, specially with a critical mass wizard or something.


NICE!!! Love all your gears, seems perfectly suited to your skills/build. Very nicely balanced with all res on a nat ring. Well done. You're gear is devaluing by the second though with the expansion on the way, and i'm going to penalise you .5 because some of your gears are dupes. Fantastic monk though.


299k? 1 more k gogo lol.....

ok Doomhammer monk, you get a 9.7/10.

I like your weapons and bracers 9/10
Nice monk almost 200k noticed that you are using spirt regen skills i think you would enjoy dw and the spirt gains would be much higher for dropping bells.

6/10 only cuz serenity is on your skills bar

Impressive rare Axe weapons and good AR you have. Your gears, skill builds, HP and DPS are quite similar to me. Well, not much advice to your gears and build. However, I think you might consider to increase more ias for your next upgrade. (9.3/10)

PS I like your shoulder so much, good craft!
Damn we are almost the same monk lol shoulders rolled on the tenth try bracers on the sixth haven't gotten anything better since send me a friend request we can run together man u
@ blademaster

Very nice set up. 9.5/10 Cant go worng with what you've got :)
@ Wraith

Very nice stuff, and I like your playstyle with combination strike, I will try this
Looking for some advice to improve my monk. I'm very unsure as to what I should upgrade first for the most dps. Right now, i'm thinking of replacing my Burning axe with a socketed Burning axe for the 100% crit damage, and getting a pair of Inna's Temperance.

Inna's pants would help, but you'll probably want to get enough DE's to craft a new ammy, gloves, shoulders and bracers. Shouldn't take long to get some that'll be a major upgrade in all those slots. After that, get a dex EF while swapping out that Sankis.

Gorgeous monk. Your blackthornes armor is the nicest one of those I've ever seen! Really not much room for major improvement, I think the only real spot would be a high dex Witching hour with AR, which would of course cost a fortune, but that's the only place I can think of where you'd gain major DPS from(losing 100 dex for you is probably about 7500 dps, gaining 45% CD is likely 13k, and 8% AS is going to be another 10k, so you could gain like 16k dps from your blackthorne belt). Of course, then you end up losing both the vit from the belt AND the vit bonus for having two pieces of Blackthornes. so, in the end, I can't really say where to try to upgrade. Maybe drop the PUR on your shoulders and get life% on there? That would make up for some of the loss of vit by switching to a WH.

Over-all, 9/10, if you can ditch the reliance on the two-piece Blackthornes for so much EHP, you'll be golden!

To whomever rates me, please note that I'm not interested in Nats boot/ring right now. I'm trying to push to 300k DPS before I switch to them. It's a personal choice, for fun and challenge. So when you name a slot or two for improvement, please don't bother with those two ^^
@Star, extremely well balanced Monk. Ticks all the boxes: 50K hps, 5000 armor, 550 resistance etc... Don't know what to tell you to be honest. Keep on trucking is all I've got. 9/10

@ !@#$%^-*!@er,

Needless to say - 10/10 as I recall you posted this monk spending less than 900 million with 300 dps.


But say you did spend more $$, I would only criticize the single LS and low AR - so 8/10
lol... why is your name censored?

S P EAR- Chuck ER
Dvtn solid monk lacking some dps ofc nothing is perfect but i think you can easily farm mp8 overall youre ok try getting 300k for mp10 maybe a bit less
my monk http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/itay-2123/hero/17615545
Decent set. Not top of the line but you're definitely headed the right way. You can only make minor upgrades from here unless you have a massive amount of gold to spend. I am not fond of Skorn though. It just doesn't feel right with a monk. 8/10 Nice work.

Nice non-boa monk there!

It'll be expensive to upgrade those items there not that there is much wrong.

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