Ice Armor Bug

Bug Report
Skill: Ice Armor
Rune: Ice Reflect
Description: Frost Nova skill runes do not carry over to the Frost Nova effect of Ice Reflect
Ice Armor
Surround yourself in a barrier of ice that reduces damage from melee attacks by 12%. Melee attackers are either Chilled or Frozen for 2 seconds. Lasts 120 seconds.
Ice Reflect
Melee attacks have a 25% chance to create a Frost Nova centered on the attacker, dealing 75% weapon damage as Cold.
Frost Nova
Blast nearby enemies with an explosion of ice and freeze them for 3 seconds.

Ice Reflect occasionally will create a frost nova that freezes nearby enemies. This is exactly the same as ths skill Frost Nova. However, it is not pulling any rune that is currently attached to Frost Nova skill.
Good observation, and this is a great report. However, this is currently working as intended. While the effects of the spells are the same on the surface, the Frost Nova created by Ice Reflect is not the the actual Frost Nova skill and as such does not reference the rune variants that you currently have slotted into the Frost Nova skill.

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