New MPK method using A2 8-3

cross post to bug report:

Similar to the hot fixed A1 MPK method, by luring lots of mobs into the emptied(no more guards) Caldeum Bazaar and invite clueless player which once join game and will start game from inside Caldeum Bazaar instead of Hidden camp. Can't immediately Leave game(need 10 sec count down) once your character was hit by any monster.

Suggested hot fix: Player always start game in Hidden Camp or invisible barrier like A1 town
thanks for getting this out in the open. looks like its not safe to join any A2 game at that spot or a "random open game" join

all the jerks who do these setups already know, so broadly spilling the beans probably helps more than it hurts
wow. this is very dangerous for the random open game option.
thx for heads up
This is definitely crime, using bug to kill innocent people, it must be stopped,
Thanks for sharing, no more Act2 public game.
Good post. This is a great information for all. Spread this out so players are aware of the situation in a2. I agree a hot fix is needed for this and most of all those douche needs to be banned permanently.

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