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Haha, I was going to say "for the love of god, take off those pants," but you seem to have it covered.

If magic find is your game, then you are doing well. But I would take that affix slot and change it on all your MF gear. MF is free when you get Paragon levels, and you probably would get more, and better chances to drop, if you were farming on a higher MP, which would be possible with more gear.

Other than that, I can't knock the hustle.
/nods. I am perpetually poor though, and got all of this gear budget for under 15m total, so I figured MF would be the way to go, so long as I could do MP5. Thank you, though, and as I get the gold to do so, I do intend to start switching out my gear.
@Desponyd :


I am guessing you are sub mp5 @ moment. Thats all cool.

next upgrade: all gear with MF. phase out the MF. Your paragon level @ moment means that you are already capped. All you are doing @ moment is gimping your kill times

Option a) (current) take 1 minute kill elite + find next - 60 packs / hour (approx)

B) sub 5 seconds for pack and 15seconds find next. 3pack/min. 180 per hour. More DE + drops. Can only get with more DPS and less MF (trust me, its overated, paragon MF is better!)

A will make u kill slower. take longer.

B you _may_ die more. kill faster. drops initially be lower, paragon faster. kill more packs per hour. More drops. More DE. more crafts!
Well, now that I've been skipped...

id focus on 4-piece zuni set...but more importantly get a new offhand, and watch your dps explode.
@butter : ignore volt sorry - he is 0dog- zero need for Zuni set.

Nice WD. Things to get next : Tri Ammy - Tri Gloves. Stack more attack speed. Get higher level gems. Win.

Volt : he is a 0dog - they are a 100% different gearset requrement than other Docs.

On your WD:

@volt: your doing OK. Item to replace next : your Chicken. No Crit Chance and/or Max Mana. Fail. Dmg is good on it. But without Crit and/or Mana = fail. Honestly.
@skitzflik. sick gear my friend, and a different kind of WD, I rate 10/10 everything done correctly! GG man
I want to say this towards @ Butterynugs , DUDE , 100k is like RIGHT THERE D: lol

You 0 dog looks really good overall , 9/10 since it looks cheap AND it looks very effective. Not to mention you are using PtP , which is bad !@#. I wanna say this from experience though:

- If you up your gems, I believe you will crack 100k
- You have low armor / EHP for using PtP , maybe perhaps switch out "jinx" for "Horrify - Frightning aspect" for 100% armor buff (stacks with grave injustice oooooou) and or "Paranoia - Mass confusion"

@ Avila , Damn! you look good. You're 4,000 points shy of being 600k EHP and almost at 300k dps. I don't think I would be able to give you any gear tips as it's going to cost you some SERIOUS gold to upgrade all that trifecta everywhere. All I could give advice too it:

Have you tired Haunt and Locust with mana rune , see with one gives more mana? I feel the locust do a fantastic job, especially if you using bats. Lastly, maybe you might be able to roll some all resist on the bracers for that easy 600-700k EHP. Regardless

10/10 For sure.
@astrayed, thanks for your rating man. just looked up my d3up when i reach 100 paragon and it looks nice for a skorn user, http://d3up.com/b/991866 should i dim down on ehp to boost my dps furthur by subbing out my amulet for a tal rasha's with no aps and get bicycle pants? or should i continue to use my amulet and just go balls in and get a bicycle pants while having a 1.48 aps.. is that overkill for a skorn user?
Lmao , Bicycle pants? I have never heard this term before. Care to enlighten me please? lol

@Avila , Should you dim down? Well that depends? Do you feel like you can tank well enough where if you lose some EHP for DPS it will still feel the same on your HP bar and or those 1 shot !@#$%^-s like Mallet lords and dark beserkers? Is so then hell yeah man! Crack that 300k .

Sadly, I do not know much about skorns now since I switched to a shield for an off hand, What I do know is that Skorns are bad *!@ and always provide amazing dps / life return.
haha inna's pants brotha! cause i can craft more bracers today if you want to run later on! cause i know those give me +dps no matter what for my pants and I still have to improve on my crit chance. i feel losing hp is not a problem to me since i will have 67k by 100 paragon. maybe by then I will craft awesome bracers/shoulders!
OH! I knew that.. >.> lol , if thats a friend invite hell yeah! Ill add you when I get online chief!

Then I think we have agreed on an upgrade path for you! Less health for more DPS as you can get it back by the time you hit para100 . Awwe :3
yessir just add me astrayed avila#1375 and well get the ball rolling!
08/26/2013 10:31 AMPosted by avila
yessir just add me astrayed avila#1375 and well get the ball rolling!

damn nice Doc you have...no suggestions..

I know a little more HP might help me with grave injustice, I can farm MP8 fine, I don't wanna bother with MP10 unless I was able to get to 200k unbuffed and about 4k armor...I have about 150 mil on hand do you see anything that I might be able to get a substantial upgrade for in the AH? I know I can craft a little better shoulders, and bracers but need to save up those DE's

thanks for any vet's input.
Ou! I got skipped , however I love giving input so:

@Death - Dear god, I don't I can give you any input your gear looks friggen amazing! The only thing I would try and give any input on would be maybe increasing your health for a little DPS loss by replacing the zuni ring you have for one with vitality , or if you can manage I have seen some vitality trifecta zuni rings, but those are god awful expensive. If you feel you get hit hard sometimes maybe you can use the armor rune from horrify and increase your survivability more? Other then that, I feel you are perfectly geared and or would need some serious gold for some upgrades.

@Zagnut, you can improve with more RES and Crit, the rest is really good
@ureloaded, i cannot say allmost nothing wrong about you...

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