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Witch Doctor
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You're on your way to a good WD. Obviously upgrade the gems. I would aim for some nice for some crafted bracers and maybe some better rolls on your other crafted items.
@Telly, I like your WD, but how do you keep the mana regen up without the Big Bad Voodoo with Rain Dance? Maybe I am just too high with the IAS but I drain mine without it.
please don't rate me....

but I had to chime in..when I saw this...eeeek


I'm not sure who told you that getting a nats bonus would do you well for a WD?..they should be shot. :P
I understand its to get the 7% CC...but i'm not diggin that ...no offense pal

One of the main reason why you might be having mana issues is your lacking the 4pc Zuni and you have too much IAS.

Buddy, that's our bread and butter!!!

also having 3 pcs of ias gear is not a bad thing TBH
@Therapeutic, Like you mentioned you need to reduce your IAS. If you get a helm with cc and a weapon with OS you can recover the lost dps and help out with your mana. Also you need to get some pickup radius to get more benefit from GI. To me I would say your armor is way to low and your AR can be bumped up a bit.

Sorry death I walked away from my computer before I finished typing this up and 2 of you posted while I was posting. For you I would say that you look pretty solid and the only thing I would try and change would probably be your gloves for a crafted one that has All Resist or armor instead of the cold resist on yours. Also if you could find a pair of pants with either armor or pickup radius instead of the ignore durability loss that would be an improvement.
sorry Therapeutic...

man I opened up can of worms here pal...my bad!!

Ill leave now. Your on your way buddy, some tweaks and your there. ;) rock that WD
your WD is 0/10...
Oh Luff my buddy!

you get a BIG :P back

I feel bad I stir some crap up here lol

You're P100 WD is naked. 11/10.
oooo...baby beer belly showing and all ;p
Ty but you may be looking at my brawling WD. He's not too efficient on mp10 haha. If not my wof/cob build does work great mp10.

No gear but I have seen it before. 10/10

You missed "FIVE" my alt WD for leveling :P

again please don't rate ive been here long enough ;)

@saythe 9/10 holy !@#$ing armour lol got damn man
nice looking doc 7/10 maybe grab some more hp and dps where u could. otherwise nice job

sorry Therapeutic...

man I opened up can of worms here pal...my bad!!

Ill leave now. Your on your way buddy, some tweaks and your there. ;) rock that WD

lol every WD saw that he didn't have anything other than the base 45 mana regen and all gasped in unison.....oh the horror.... :P

u really do need that zuni 4 peice bonus well i shouldnt say "need" but man its just such a nice bonus. get ur mana regen up in between65-80 and u should feel alot better running ur doc.
@ Evolution

10/10 doubt there is anything I can say that you dont already know. great looking WD!

ur on the right track, but ur still in the wrong lane perse. both ur rings and ur gloves have ais on them and since ur using a skorn thats not a bad thing, but u dr crit chance seems fairly low. for ur pox id look at getting cc and cd, istead of cd and ais. for ur rare ring maybe try to get a trifecta if u could afford it otherwise maybe do the same with a cc/cd ring instead.( u will gain better dps output imo by using cd of ais.) ur bracers are in need of cc badley and that is prob the easiet peice to craft to get a decent roll. just keep crafting bracers tio u get something almoast identical to what u have now just with cc on it. u could try try to add armor or ar to ur boots as well.

5/10 once u get a few of those kinks worked out u will easly be able to farm a higher mp than u are now good luck

u dont need to rate me
thank you

But I want to rank you.

Solid DPS. Odd choice the carving knife with the serpent offhand. You seem light on mit to me - more specifically RA (since it doesn't even list in your highlights).

Good but a little shy of greatness yet.


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