what would happen with our gear?

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since legendaries will be upgrade in loot 2.0, will ours be upgraded automatically or will be obsolete?
that's a stupid question really.

yes, you're going to have to earn your gear again, as what happens with any expansion for any game. new, bigger items come along, and you have to go find them.

i don't get how all these people are complaining about this concept. it's an expansion. its going to expand. you will have to work to reach the end of that new finishline. stop asking for gimegime handouts already.

are you all 12 year olds and never actually PLAYED an expansion before? it's so confusing to see people SHOCKED and UPSET that there gear wont be worth anything after xpan rolls out.
why wouldit upgrade automatically?....lol

they will stay the same. then farm for the new and better one...isnt that obvious?
Your gear is going to completely worthless my friend. You are not playing Diablo anymore . You are playing World of Warcraft with a diablo interface. Get used to it, sucker.
thats what blizz does, thats what usualy old players dont like
thats why old players dont want
thats why ppl want neverending leader

Because the ones that started the game on 15 may 2012 in line to get it want to be the first along the ranks

Wow died because of that

All the new noob players, get advantages before the old guys that sufered enought in the game.
patch 1.4 1.3 2.0 enrage timer no enrege timer, nerf, nerf nerf, pop up to see damage gain on items, no damage pop up on items.

on may 15 2012 we didint have a pop up to show us what dps we do and didint to. and we used the ah as blind ppl, buyng items that looked good but in game suked.

expansion, - only the acivs will show the player time spent in the game and thats not enought.

But thats life we swalow and go on hoping for legendarys to be legendarys, and no more nerfs and no more changes when ppl under the age of 14 are complaining.

just as a remainder as a blizz failers WTF is in the name of FTW, Pokemon battles, and Pandaria? exactly?

wana bet 100% that diuablo its going in the same direction...?

all that in the name of A new Start for everyone.... thats crap. can u falow me ?


Check the forums from years back on WOW, when Cataclysm was relesed or i dont know some ather that upset the players...

Answer from blizzard on a question at blizzcon from some time ago in wow

What will happen with the gear.

Meh .. if u have the gear u will level faster and beat the content before athers....

LOL crap not true, :) !@#$ happened :) in 5 lvls all the gear was replaced and u needed reputation with new faction to be a vagly idea of the char u had.
lol, i dont mind to start over
08/23/2013 06:55 AMPosted by AxeroSigitus
when ppl under the age of 14 are complaining.

in what part im complaining???

i just ask, where is the complain? where is the critic? i just write will be this way or that way? thats all.

all of you need to LEARN to read
start over what? act 1 2 3 and 4?

All the nephalem trials and endless dungeons will take places 80% on maps from act 1 2 3 4, and 20% from act five!

U will farm again 10 more lvls and trials and trials on the same maps u already did 1000 times. just to get 10 more legendarys.

not complaining just pointing Diablo 3.... in diablo 2 if u had an epic runeword on your bow u ware PRO thats all ... now what theres 3 items all with diferent prices in ah.
08/23/2013 07:06 AMPosted by Dragn
enjoy the ban

uuuu, scary.

08/23/2013 07:06 AMPosted by Dragn
I hate this game

what you want its attention i guess. if you keep coming here. yeah you really must HATE it.

gotta go now kids. job is calling, til tonight. oh no, tonight is Friday night... tomorrow morning then. love to talk to you!!!!!
the point - when blizzard whas made years ago they ware a young and very i mean very very dedicated team to make games the best games epic games

but what time does

it makes ppl get older and they see some of the life trough the mony eyes.

so they got older they fired ppl they got new talents and when they see that mony can be made they adopted the strategy, only the young are the target. lets focus on them and we dont have to upset them because they are the future.

so we make games that are clouser to them, no leaders because they cant handle it, constant resets on talents, expansions and gear so they dont fall to far behind.


Last words i am bored and lets buy the expansion and fight the next day on forums!
Stop speculating guys! Blizzard never said anything about what happens to the current gear after the update. Lets hope they will find a solution because otherwise it might be a HUGE problem since this time real money is involved, and quite big sums of money too! I think if current gear is trashed after the patch\expension it's gonna cause a problem because people like me, who work to make money and simply don't have time to farm for gear all day long, bought their gear and some of it is quite expensive. So what now? Buy new gear again?!?!?! I'm not sure about Blizzard policies but quite possible that they may get sued for it and not even once.
As for me, if the worst happens, I'll just trash the game along with my gear and forget about it. I won't blame Blizzard but myself for being such a naive fool. Money can be made again but I will never go back to the game because that is a pure rip off. I played the game starting from Diablo 1 and I loved it. And I do like the game (D3) now too, the way it is, and don't really understand what people complain about saying that the game is not good. I guess the reason is that most complainers are kids who don't have means to buy the gear and they want it for free.
Well, lets see what happens. If the current gear keeps then ill keep plaing, if not... then it's probably a time for me to sell my account and say goodbye to Blizzard.

PS Guys, please don't be stupid by saying that its a good time to sell your gear now. Who is gonna buy it? The AH is already dead and it's gonna become even worse with time.

PPS Blizzard, please reveal the details, tell people how this is gonna work. It's just unfair to keep your avid fans blind on this.
They could upgrade all our gear if they wanted. But they won't do that because it doesn't fit with the AH. It's the same with IAS buffs and nerfs. They nerfed the IAS aspect of all weapons worn and yet to be dropped. It would've been awesome to have legacy items with very fast attack speed. Instead all legacy items suck compared to newer items.

So these newer items will completely make our current items look totally noobish. Everybody should sell those now.
08/23/2013 03:39 PMPosted by Mischeiff
people like me, who work to make money and simply don't have time to farm for gear all day long, bought their gear and some of it is quite expensive. So what now? Buy new gear again?!?!?!

You are entitled to new gear because instead of spending time in game you spent money?

Give me a break man...

Time = Money.

Other people have spent in game time to get their gear, and you think you are above them because you spent money?

P.S. I spent money in the game and I'm completely against your philosophy.
Your gear will always only be "cool" for a moment.

Lets go back to D2 for a second...

D2 comes out and people farm up great rare gear because initially the unique were horrible. Blizz patches this and makes uniques really good. All old gear must now be replaced by the new BiS. Then the xpac LoD comes out. Again new BiS gear is introduced along with runes. The gear hunt starts all over again. Later on Blizz patches in rune words. BiS changes again. Later on ladder only runewords are added. BiS gear/runewords change again and old gear is dropped in the dirt for the new stuff yet again.

Now lets get back to D3...

D3 comes out and people farm up great rare gear because initially legendary/set gear was horrible. Blizz patches this and makes legendary/set gear really good. All old gear must now be replaced by the new BiS. Then the xpac RoS comes out....
Well, I'm not talking about linch money here... I know some guys who paid couple hundred buks per item. So what now, do you think it'll be easy to forget about it? Gear upgrade is needed, I think. But you are untitled to have your opinion. I understand
By the way, I spent some time too - over a 1000 hours, and I found nothing I could use. It is frustrating:(
08/23/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Mischeiff
I know some guys who paid couple hundred buks per item.

If somebody spent more then he can spend again its his problem.

Probably he spent more then he could afford to throw on pixels.

They all accepted the RMAH ToS, which states that all their items are owned by Blizzard and Blizzard can at any point make changes that affect it.

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