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Demon Hunter
Can someone check my gear, maybe suggest items that I could upgrade with a budget of ~175mill aswell as telling me what stats to prioritise and a good build to solo MP7-10.

Hmm, I'm not really familiar with the build you are using but, every DH needs at least 2 pieces of Nat's Set. That +7 CC is huge. I would replace your LotU Ring and/or Boots.

You look a little glassy for high MPs. I don't see much bonus to All Resist on your gear; 78 VW and 64 LotU for a total of 142? You'll need about +400 to survive on High MPs. At 45K, your HPs also seem low. I think you'll need to get that to 55K or so. On the other hand your armor looks good, try to keep that over 4,000 while improving the other two.

To help with that, I'd look at replacing your hat with a Mempo, unfortunately the CC Mempos start about 300 million. However, one with Vitality starts around 10 million. You may want to throw a an Amethyst in there if you are dying too much. If you are OK, go with the Ruby for XP bonus.

I'd bet you could craft better Dex Shoulders and Dex Bracers pretty quickly. Keep working on better Dex Gloves. After those 3 are OK, go for a better Dex Ammy.

I think your going to need a better bow to make it above MP7, you'd be looking to get to over 200K DPS to make MP7 work. Unfortunately, those type +Dex Manti's start about 250 million. I'd look at the Intelligence Manti's, as those are a fraction of the cost of an equal Dex version. I have no idea on exact prices but, look for +48% WD, +90% CD, and 2 sockets. If you can get +11% AS that would be a bonus. Most likely, it will be better to socket 1 Ruby + 1 Emerald, but try 2 Emeralds and see which is better.
If I do wear my mempo, I sacrifice about12k damage
oh and with my build, I am just messing around with skills. feel free to tell me a good one

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