Evasive Fire rework idea

Demon Hunter
I've been trying to use/love evasive fire, but outside the fact that shots fired are instant, I find the backflip mechanics to be actually cumbersome to be useful.

Here's an idea I came up lately to hopefully make evasive fire more compelling to use:

Rename Evasive Fire to Precision Shot,

Generates 3 Hatred per cast(Down from 4)

Backflip Component Removed

No longer listed in "Devices", is now considered "Primary".

Skill Description:
Imbue arrows with energy, firing at supersonic speed that deals 155% Weapon Damage on Impact.


A.) Find Weak Spot - Successful critical hits causes the target to bleed for 250% weapon damage over 5 seconds.

B.) Quick Silver - Shots fired bounces up to 4 targets, dealing 172% weapon damage each.

C.) Disarm - Enemies hit have their damage dealt and attack speed reduced by 15%.
*This is basically Evasive fire - Hardened, only modified to be more in coherence
with the core concept of Demon Hunters, while also adding utilty to his/her

D.) Focus Fire - Enemies hit take 4% increased damage from all sources up to a maximum
of 16%. Effect lasts for 3 seconds.

E.) Creeping Death - Shots fired implants a miniature bomb in the enemy. If the target dies,
the bombs detonate dealing 30% weapon damage as fire per stack
(maximum of 5 stacks) on an 8 yard radius upon death. bombs last for 8

- OR -

Hunter Seeker - Fire a magically imbued arrow, marking the target. Rockets fired within 30 yards
of the marked target to become the primary target of the rockets(causes
multiple rockets fired from 1 source to all hit the marked target). The mark lasts
for 5 seconds or when marking a different target with Hunter Seeker.

*this will make Multishot-Arsenal and Cluster Arrow-Shooting Stars more appealing.

Feel free to critique and/or post your ideas on how to make evasive fire a better skill.
eh... so you want a different skill, wait for the expansion news then.

imo Evasive Fire need to be changed as it is kind of broken

From the name of the skill. We should be able to dodge and attack at the same time. But since the game is locked to the "snap" effects when you flip with EF you are still getting hit when you are trying to dodge an attack.
I don't want a new skill, I just want the skill to be remade in a manner that how it was used in the first place, which is its ability to land precision shots. Shooting and Dodging at the same time can be done by standard stutter stepping, which I think every Demon Hunter knows to do proficiently.
A friend of mine on HC uses the hard on rune as his main generator. Seems very effective.
I love Covering Fire as is. 3x130% = 390%, instantaneous, and generated 4 hatred. I find the backflip gells well with Steady Aim, too...yes, it uses a lot of discipline. And I use a 2nd utility hatred generator too for close-range...I find it necessary with non-Hardened EF, otherwise you're always out of disc. That's probably a dealbreaker for most.
Been using evasive fire since day 1, great hatred generator and goes through walls... I learnt how to use the backflip when I need it... Only backflip once if needed, but use it for long distances to get hatred and get in some damage at the same time...
^That's the sad part, I don't need the backflip.

If you have tumble, it would be better to just use tumble as it cost 8 disc but does double the distance evasive fire does, furthermore, some elite packs(frogs from a1 and lickers on a3 with fast and fire chains or molten) has a pre-programmed AI behavior to circle around your character for 3x and if you miss-timed your evasive fire, you die.
I understand where you're coming from... As for the kickers and frogs.... I use it only when they're far away....I don't use evasive if they're up close, not unless I want to backflip outta there. I'd be using bola or rapid fire for close encounters.... So hard to explain how... Add me bro so I can show ya in game how I use it. Cheers!
For fun only .. !

1. Rune 1 - Flipback & leaves a decoy
2. Rune 2 - Successful critical hits increase attack speed by 3 % & gives Area of Effect radius 3 yards. Stacks 5 times.
3. Rune 3 - Every 5th shot , create a mini ball of vortex that damages and sucks all enemies in front of the demon hunter, 10 yards aoe. Reduces monster resistance by 15%.No flipback.
4. Rune 4 - Flipback leaves a trail of fire and ice. Fire burns, and ice slows down movement speed with a tiny freeze chance.
5. Rune 5 - Assasinate. When used with smoke screen , weapon dmg increased by 660 %.

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