This actually happened...

I joined a game with several people that had bad manners, but the one monk was just so ridiculous I had to share it with the rest of the PvP community.

After he proceeded to call everyone in the game a noob for various reasons, I jumped in the chapel and the first thing he did was pop serenity. I teleported behind a wall in the chapel and casted mirror image. He went straight for the clones, his serenity wore off, then I finished him with WoF. After he called me a noob for beating him, he proceeded to make a claim, "Hacker! you just made 3 of yourself!"

Yes, that is right, he claimed I was a hacked because I used mirror image.
Many players just don't know the game! They played with one or two chars and are not at all familiar with the existing skills of the other classes. A few days ago a player complained because my DH became invisible! lol
Take a screenshot and start a noob collection. That's what I do: (Context: Ran to town at low health to "skill change" mid-duel, justified it by claiming he didn't lose SV. Came back in chapel, died 20 seconds later without SV proccing, proving that it was a lie)

PART 1 -
PART 2 -

Nice noob collection, my favorite is the guy that complained for you using a PvP set during PvP.

Those 3 WDs in your collection are pretty tough though, I certainly would not be able to beat any of them. Congrats on your victories.
my number #1 fan Kefka with his screenshots of me in a FFA where anyone can die, I wouldn't call that a victory. How about you show them screenshots of our official 1v1's where u lost all 3 times brah. After all this time your twisted love for me still stays strong shake my head.
lol at this mofo what you do is rage quit! do you even have an actual stream of our last fight? come at me son u aint even close to asmos lvl your a joke along with the other chink WD's! Bandwagon glass builds lol your past kill will never be a counted. what a sucker this guy tryin to prove? looool go suck an egg dude seriously! not even in the league of leagues and wtf is kefka? sounds gay dude! you along with george bush go suck each others mojo lolol the only thing keeping u at bay is that f4g reaper helm! i dont need to be geared to the teeth to beat you lols pathetic! a humble WD will not brag about lame kills haha dude seriouly have no life.... haha whatever chum
My fans have arrived!
Please refrain from using hate speech in my threads.
Yall suck for playing softcore.
Can someone please translate what Ianski wrote? It looks like gibberish to me.
08/29/2013 05:22 PMPosted by Omniwang
Yall suck for playing softcore.

has 1 !@#$ty barb in hc and thinks he's badass. move along noob
So much wasted hatred! My DH could use some of it!
kefka has so much hatred towards me im sure he wont have a issue sharing with you.
Oh puhleeze sweetheart, I offered you a truce months ago, and I believe the response was "Go !@#$ yourself." Fine by me, it's your corpse getting flagged not mine (should have kept leaving games as soon as you saw me, that game a couple of nights ago must have put you in a tizzy).
Mirai and realmacoy... Where the hell did you even come from? You came just to !@#$%.
08/31/2013 02:19 AMPosted by Blake3one6
Mirai and realmacoy... Where the hell did you even come from? You came just to !@#$%.

Top PvP players (including a few folks in this thread) know who Mirai is. He is not some nobody here so don't get so worked up on that.
Mirai = asmodai, aka asmodies
Is it:

WD is all the rage here?


Is all the WD rage here?
Is it:

WD is all the rage here?


Is all the WD rage here?

None of the above?

It was Monk vs Wizard rage till it gets a little off topic.

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