Need Advice on Gears for CM build

Any advice would be great!!! I still feel weak when im farming MP 7-8 and is it that my LOH is too low or AS/CC???
LOH is fine, but you need more CC and AS, target 50++ CC and 2.73as.
Armor and AR is pretty low for mp7.
You need to ditch that soj for a better ring imo. :)
Drop the APoC on OH, get 1 more IAS piece, or better yet, drop the Prowlers for crafted to get extra EHP and drop both rings for IAS+CC rings. The 2.5 APS breakpoint is perfectly fine for some people.

You can keep the SoJ if you really want, and just swap the other ring to an IAS CC ring to reach the breakpoint. You need 52% total IAS on gear with your 1.65 APS wand to hit it, which means 7% IAS or more on the ring, but I'd get 8-9%. That will give you a little room on your other IAS pieces or let you reach 2.73 APS with an IAS chanto, so you can test it out to see if you like the higher breakpoint, or to use for Ubers.
Thanks Alot guys!!! I also have Inna Pants which gives +9% IAS 12% MoveSpeed and CC +1%
But I lose 448 LOH and 12% HP = 5K ish which will leave me with 400 LOH.
How much LOH/IAS/CC do i need to sustain in MP8 or higher?
Also have a Andarial Visage that 9% IAS 4.5% Crit but has +20% fire damage taken >.>

Your LOH is fine now, but if you switch to Inna's, it will be too low and you would need to add some on rings or amulet.

LOH may feel a bit low because your mitigation is a bit low right (all resist and armor). If you up your mitigation, it will make you LOH provide more EHP return on each hit.

So I would

1) keep the BT pants (maybe upgrade to all resist + armor version or all resist + sockets version though).
2) Sell your APOC source for one with average damage and int/vit. You really only need 2 apoc pieces and your storm crow and wand both have apoc.
3) Lose the SOJ for a ring with CC and attack speed and then something else like int/vit/all resist/avg damage.
4) Eventually up the crit chance on helm and bracers to be closer to %6.
5) Add all resist on a couple pieces: witching hour, gloves, or bracers
6) Get a tal chest with 2 of these 3: all resist, armor, 200+ vit.

1, 2, and 3 should be less expenisve upgrades, the rest longer term goals.
Lose the soj for sure. Only really good whenever 300k. Get cheap trifecta with AR.

Get to 2.73. Can't inspect gear ATM.
08/30/2013 08:21 PMPosted by BeerMan
Lose the soj for sure. Only really good whenever 300k.

I really don't understand why some people say SoJ is only good above XXX dps. It works exactly the same way if you have 500k dps as if you have 50k: it adds up to 30% extra damage to elites. 30% is 30% no matter what your dps. It means 30% faster kill time, no matter your dps.

Most people say lose the SoJ because it's just annoying to gear around, and once you factor in effective dps from higher crit, the bonus is somewhat diminished. I say keep the SoJ if you really want to, just understand it might not be the most efficient way to gear.

Also, don't get Inna's pants. They're really hard to gear around because of the huge loss in EHP over using BT pants, plus having to make up the lost LoH.
I'd say Inna's Temperance are really only worth it if you're running with tri-Zuni and are therefore missing out on the IAS on Tal's chest, as I am. I think tri-Zuni is also a little stronger defensively than Tal's + dual-Nat's, which makes Inna's easier to gear around as well.

That said, I had quite a bit of trouble switching to SNS with a limited budget while simultaneously maintaining reasonable DPS and the 2.728 breakpoint, largely due to missing out on the extra HP Blackthorne's gives you. I'm still a bit squishier on MP10 than I'd like to be.
08/30/2013 10:24 PMPosted by Loroese
I really don't understand why some people say SoJ is only good above XXX dps.
I think the reason is that someone with such high dps will tend to have good gear all around and be able to take the hit in stats that a SOJ incurs. But you're right, it works just the same at low dps that it does at high dps.
Thanks lot for all your input guys!!

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