Looking for suggestions on my gear!

Hey guys, I was checking out the d3 forums for the first time in a long while and saw people who actually know what they're talking about now.

I threw this barb together pretty quick a LONG time ago and just have been buying cheap minimal upgrades.

Right now I can comfortably handle mp6, mp7 is a little much but I can do it. I'd like to able to handle close to 10 pretty soon.

I'm looking for upgrades on certain items I might not be seeing or break points I don't know about because I really haven't looked at barb stats in depth like I have wizard. I really want to play my barb because I find it more fun than button mashing CM wizard.

I have about a 300m budget for upgrades if you can recommend anything.

Hey AlBrownie,

Your current setup and my recommendations are very similar to this guy. So have a look at his profile and what I wrote. Take particular note of my recommendations for Vit and resist all increases.


A couple of overall recommendations to keep in mind. Life, try to get it between 50-60k and resist all 500-600 (450ish is bare minimum). This will enable you to drop warcry and bang on another attack such as HOTA or an Overpower/rend build. Both are lots of fun and when you are able to do this, you will love your barb all over again. There is plenty of well written info on these and other builds on the sticky above (by Raging Koala). So have a read, try some out and mess stuff up.

Aside from that link, Id craft Vit shoulders (only barbs can roll both 300 vit and strength on vit crafted shoulders), and consider either a WH with resist all, or a IK belt which comes with resist all and as it will be your second piece, another 60 res all bonus.

Weapons, go for the usual upgrades where you can of DPS, Life Steal (on at least 1) and CD (Sockets plus CD where possible, if not, at least one).

Cheers and good luck

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