exp runs with or without 5 NV?

Just what I needed to see. Guess my ignored thread should of been worded closer to this one :) As for DC and strategy, I personally run it when I come across it when doing my Right to left border circling from FoM waypoint. I'll run right in and straight through the first few hallways triggering spawnage for when I come back out the same entrance. I'll start with tagging all mobs in the grids and place myself towards the center for 3 way spawn waves, palm/bell as they sworm. Once dead, head to next grid or area and rinse and repeat. If you know you're in the hallway that heads to next level down, run all the way through mobs to passage and work your way back. Love that place.
Wow, could we be experiencing another education vid from Druin with map details this time on the youtube channel? :)

Personally I've been leveling my archon wiz and while most of the time it's a pain to get a 5 stack before clearing FoM I usually hit Cathedral LvL 3 if I'm missing a stack (I don't know why others don't it's such a small search area to find the elite pack and you can use the WP from there to FoM so it cuts down on TP to town and going from there.

While Weeping Hollow isn't that great for XP it's still one of the top areas in the game, another area that is small, easy to navigate and just as good if not better than Weeping Hollow is..Halls of Agony LvL2. (at least in my own leveling).

what MP do you run with your 42k hp and 190k dps? my stats are pretty much same for Druin TR build

I play MP10 on act 1, and MP8-9 for act 2. For strictly DE runs I still do MP6.


I just timed some runs, I actually only get about 180m exp/hour now. So not exactly the fastest exp runs. I can get 200m+ rates on single runs, but not on sustained hourly rates. I'm actually not playing EP/Bells anymore either. Possible that the spec I'm running is actually hurting my exp/hour ~_~

I think my choice of finding/clearing DC but skipping the rest of FoM if I find DC early is probably a bad choice after I farm up 5 stacks too.

Too many variables between spec, and clearing styleto figure optimized methods. Too bad it's not as simple as CotA where you have 1 tiny zone and just need to get the right spec/style for it.

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