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Alot of people are asking for a PvP mode.
The dev team is constantly replying that "we are working on it, but we don't have anything solid yet that makes it fun to play."

The reasons for this is described in several interviews.

Quote: "I would hate for us to put ourselves in a situation where we have to change or remove or diminish the awesomeness of our design space (class design, item design, whatever the case is) as a result of trying to turn a game into an eSport that wasn't meant to be one in the first place."

Quote: "When you start using the same skills against people, they tend to get more mad at you than AI does, so when they’re stunned until they die or blow up in one hit or you turn them into a chicken or whatever the case is, it It tends to be a negative play experience. We talk about fun and anti-fun sometimes as game designers. Being affected by crowd control in a PvP environment for example where you can’t do anything, that’s the kind of anti-fun and that’s the price you pay for the guy who’s having fun killing you."

- Travis, The Devs on the Past and Future of Diablo: Full Interview

The main argument though, from my point of view, is that the core of D3 is not built with PvP in mind. All the skills and items are designed from the ground up with the purpose of playing in PvE.

My suggestions are:
1) Implement PvP game modes. (King of the hill, Capture the flag, Last man standing, Team deathmatch-4v4)
2) Gear
3) Brackets and Leagues
4) Balancing
5) Observing live pvp matches and betting
6) Rewards

1 - PvP gamemodes
The idea is that by having pvp modes that has a primary objective other than just killing another single player, any class imbalance would be less visible, because the focus is the objectives.
Ie. it would be very obvious if any class dominates a 1v1 deathmatch.
Having modes such as king of the hill is slighly more chaotic and would shift the focus abit.

King of the hill
The rules:
- FFA and/or Team
- The match lasts a predetermined amount of time.
- When the time is up, the player/team with the most time in a specific zone wins the match.

Capture the flag:
The rules:
- The match lasts a predetermined amount of time.
- Two bases, each holding a flag.
- Capture 3 flags before the enemy team, or be the the team with the most captures when the time is up to win.

Last man standing
The rules:
- The match lasts until a winner has been declared.
- Each player has a predetermined number of lives.
- Be the last alive player to win the game.

Team deathmatch-4v4
The rules:
- Any given class should only be allowed once per given team. Preventing misuses of stacking overpowered class skills. ( See balancing )
- Team vs. team
- The match lasts until a winning team has been declared.
- Each team has a predetermined number of lives.
- Be the team with a player/players alive to win the game.

2 - PvP gear
No PvP items should be allowed in PvE
No PvE items is allowed in PvP. Thus the players would have to aquire PvP gear through crafting.

Before starting PvP the player must obtain recipes of magical quality.
- This would have do be done through an event similar to Infernal Machinel or simply through killing bosses.
- To progress the player must obtain better recipes, by purchasing them through a vendor with pvp currency.

Crafting PvP gear requires:
- White items would be a suitable baseline from which the crafting would be based.
- Gold
- Salvaged components depending on the quality.

The crafts should be tiered according to each quality. (magical, rare and legendary).
- However, the base item from which the craft is created from is the determining factor of the affix values.

- Specially designed affixes only usable in PvP could be implemented, to prevent breaking the current item design.
- Current affixes that could imblance or ruin the pvp would have a hardcap.
- Current affixes that could suit the PvP gear would be: CD reduction, reduced effects of crowdcontrol, all res, armor and primary stats.

3) Brackets and Leagues
Playing PvP in D3 would require a bracket and league rating.

The bracket is determined on the current gearscore of the equipped PvP gear.
Meaning that all PvP gear would have a gearscore. The higher the gearscore the higher the bracket.
Each bracket would have a min and max gearscore that allows the player to participate within that bracket.

The player will retain the league rating he is in regardless of what bracket he changes to by altering his gear.
The league rating would be done in a similar way as other ranked games using the elo rating system.

A simple matrix to demonstrate how the Brackets and leagues could work: http://i39.tinypic.com/14n0035.png

A player with a combined gearscore of 987 and playing in silver league is illustrated with red.
The player then improves his PvP gear, and his combined gearscore is raised to 1263 is illustrated with blue.
Thus the player retains his league standing regardless of the bracket/gearscore.
The player then loses several matches and is demoted to Bronze league illustrated with green.

Each player has an internal rank within their league and bracket depending on their results.

The Grandmaster League
This league is only for the best, and as such a player must have been part of the Master league before qualifying to the Grand master.

- Only X amount of slots are available in the grand master league at any given time.
- An empty slot must be available before a player can be promoted to grand master.
- Having to few games in a certain amount of time will demote you from grand master to master league.
- The player must be ranked #1 in his bracket and league and win the next X matches consecutively to qualify for grand master league.

4) Balancing
Looking at other games which have been build from the ground up with PvP in mind, such as LoL, Dota2 and numerous fps games, it's obvious that it can't be done to the point of equality.
However, we still need a relative balance between classes similar to: Rock, paper, scissor.

Fortunatly Jay Wilson told prior to D3 release that the entire skill system was split in two sections, allowing them to balance and tweak PvE and PvP-skillsets seperatly.
If this still holds true, then it should be possible to achieve this relative balance between classes.

Furthermore a global ruleset towards CC'ing and anti CC'ing should be implemented. (Diminishing returns anyone? :-) )

An additional suggestion could be that any skill other than primary skills, ( Frenzy, Bash, Magic missile etc. ) would suffer from diminishing returns upon consecutive usage against the same player.
This would prevent highly overpowered abilities from being used repeatedly as it would have less effect, and in turn discourage pvp builds that revolves around a one-button kill all.
On the other hand it would encourage players to diversify their builds.

5) Observing live pvp matches and betting
Players should be able to observe live matches of the highest leagues: Master and Grandmaster.
The players observing the pvp match should be able to bet gold or PvP currency they currently have on their account on a team of their choice.
Of course a gold cap should be present.

- Betting should only be allowed 2 minut prior to the battle begins.
- A player can place a bet on any given team with any given amount within the cap (if he has the currency).
- A player can accept current placed bets.
- All gold winnings are taxed similar to GAH.
- The winner receives his initial bet, plus the amount he receives from the odds.
- The remaining gold and/or PvP currency of the bet would go to the winning team, evenly distributed to the players.
- Team statistics should be present such as: team gearscore, win ratio and odds.

Team A: Gearscore + Win ratio yields 40% chance of winning. Giving a total of odds 1.6
Team A: Gearscore + Win ratio yields 60% chance of winning. Giving a total of odds 1.4

Observer A bets 1.000.000 gold on team A at odds 1.6
Observer B accepts Observer A's bet, placing 1.000.000 gold in the pot.
The gold pot between observer A and B is now 2.000.000.
Team B Wins, and Observer B wins the bet.
Observer B receives 1.400.000 gold minus Blizzard tax, and the remainder goes to the winning team minus Blizzard tax.

This would serve to both make matches fun to watch as well as exciting to participate in.
Furthermore this would create a community revolving around PvP in Diablo 3.

6) Rewards
- Winning a given pvp match should alot the player with a "PvP-gear-currency" or points that he or she can spend on new pvp crafting recipes.
- Winning a given pvp match should, as stated above, alot the winning team with X% of the gold after tax-deductions.
- Winning could also reward achievements, and customisations to the banner as well as other vanity items.
You know, they have this great "beta client" that they could be using to exprement all these great ideas with the players. it really is quite an amazing tool and so useful, but it just dosn't ever get any use. quite dissipointing honestly.
there's some details in there that i don't agree with 100% but the general idea is what we need.

Also Re: Beta Client -

Why not open it up to the community, like they do in SC2. Like have a map editor, etc., and then just let the community figure out which ones it thinks are the best. Free market solution.
I would also like to see some sort of PVMVP kind of mode where it's PVP but with enemy npc's that try to kill everyone.

Also, it would be nice if you could control how much damage is being dealt in the pvp area. This way people can have the option of a more drawn out fight which would probably be more skill based.

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