The Hero's New Clothes post-patch Monk strat

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This is the Monk build I found most efficient for the "The Hero's New Clothes" achievement (post-patch):

Monk and Scoundrel follower w/: Crippling Shot, Dirty Fighting, Powered Shot*, and Hysteria.
*Switch to Multishot vs Belial (easier to kill snakes)

Fist of Thunder w/ Thunderclap - This is a LAST RESORT skill. Use it to teleport to a less crowded area if you no longer have spirit to use for skills. Be prepared to face death if it comes down to this (unless NDE is still available).

Blinding Flash w/ Blinding Echo
- This is your main 'getaway' skill. Use it when you're in a crowded area or to stall enemies.

Breath of Heaven w/ Penitent Flame - Use it for emergency heals (poisoned, burning, etc).

Serenity w/ Ascension - Use this when you're: trapped, about to die, close to victory (failsafe), absorbing hard to avoid boss attacks.

Tempest Rush w/ Northern Breeze or Tailwind - Use it to 'rush' yourself out of a tight spot when Blinding Flash is on cooldown. Try not to overuse this skill or else you'll run out of spirit quick. Use the NB Rune if you're going to use it a lot (less spirit cost) and the Tailwind rune if you need to outrun fast attacks.

Mantra of Healing w/ Sustenance - The constant life regeneration along with the synergy from Chant of Resonance is vital to this build. This also saves you from having to rely only on health potion heals and Breath of Heaven.

Passive Skills:
Near Death Experience - This is a 2nd life. When you're 40hp away from killing the boss and he delivers a death blow to you, you'll thank me.

Beacon of Ytar - Faster cooldowns. This enables you to use your skills more often. You want skills like Serenity to be available as often as possible to have a higher chance of victory.

Chant of Resonance - This is where you get your spirit from (synergy with MoH). More spirit = more skill use = more likely to succeed. Throw in Beacon of Ytar and you have yourself an efficient skill cost to spirit regeneration ratio. (assuming you're not spamming Tempest Rush)

This build works versus The Butcher, Belial, and Azmodan. I haven't tried it on Diablo or Cydea yet.

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